iPhone to be ‘fool’ by just one message…Apple in emergency by ‘Telugu language’

Unicode vulnerability is a specific text message which exploits a user`s attention because a text bomb which can paralyze all App..

Construction period to be shortened thanks to exclusive technology…‘Sliding center’ export to target a vein of gold

"It`s different from when we actually came to the game, and the game is exciting because there is a mixture of shouting and skele..

Continuous failure in product strategy… “GM Korea in crisis”

It is pointed out that the US GM has failed to improve the corporate value of GM, including the timely introduction of new cars t..

KT to develop next generation core security one to multi technology-quantum cryptography communication’ testing network

KT stepped ahead of the quantum cryptographic communication technology, which is considered to be the core security technology..

US to introduce 53% high customs tax for Korean steel due to ‘security’… Export to US under ‘emergency’

The meaning of section 232 of the Trade Extension Code The US Department of Commerce proposed to President Trump that the stee..

‘Half service’ of Pyeaongchang Olympic USD broadcasting…Only direct receiving households to watch

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] Although the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games are being broadcasted in ultra-high definition (UHD),..

While ‘vacuum cleaner case’ useless…Dyson to state not to believe Korean evaluation organization

It is expected that lawsuits against LG Electronics against wireless cleaner ads will be delayed as Dyson poses a problem with th..