LG Electronics to invest KRW 1.2 trillion in home appliances… “Operating profits expected to grow in two digits”

[Digital Times, Kim Eun] LG Electronics is expected to invest more than KRW 1.2 trillion in consumer electronics this year, compared to last year. The company plans to establish a factory in the state of Tennessee to incr..

Semiconductor export to be sluggish due to protectionism of trade by US… “Policies should be reviewed”

The economy of US is showing a dark cloud as signs of an end to the semiconductor-led export of exports to the US are coming to an end. In addition to semiconductors and petrochemicals, Korea`s main export items such as s..

Medium construction companies in the capital to supply over 24,800 houses in redevelopment

Mid-sized construction companies are expected to supply 24,800 units of urban maintenance projects such as redevelopment and reconstruction by the end of the year. The market is the newest volume in the last two years. ..

Disturbing ‘Cisco world’… Network solution industry to be in lead

The network solution industry is doing its best to shake up the `Cisco`. Cisco is still a strong leader, with nearly 50 % percent..

From a tiny shop to a global company…Magic of ‘Freak, Stanford, VC’

`Although the beginning is weak, the result will be great.` This commonly quoted phrase is a perfect match for Silicon Valle..

Drone to fly from 43km away control room… "From 50m up to find missing child”

[Digital Times, Jong Ye-rin] Once it hit the start of the flight, the drone, which is located near the Miro Park in Yeoju City,..

Affairs of car makers? Home appliances in lead rather than motor shows

Car makers are becoming increasingly inclined not to participate in a typical car marketing event, the `Motor Show.` As automob..