Due to expensive price and charging… ‘TeslaㆍBYD ’ in difficulty in Korea

Representative electric vehicle companies such as Tesla of the United States and BYD of China are not able to make a good imp..

No repair centre despite of EV increase?

[Digital Times, Kim Yang-hyuk] The facilities for repairing vehicles are at a minimal level although the sales of electric cars..

Below 40 NANO pure foundry market in boom

AI, and IoT-related low-power systems As the demand for semiconductors grows, the foundry market of 40nm (nanometer) or less is growing rapidly. Samsung Electronics is pushing for a roadmap to broaden the scope of its mic..

Hanhwa Chemical’s Chinese PVC business in `fancy revival`

[Digital Times, Yang Ji-yoon] The Chinese polyvinyl chloride (PVC) business, which was so called ‘Ugly Duck’ of Hanwha Chemical, is celebrating its revival. The Chinese government`s commitment to environmental regulatio..

SKB "To be No.1 Korean wire and wireless media platform by 2021 in Korea"

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] SK Broadband revealed the 20th anniversary of its founding, accelerating the digital transition,..

High credited customers for Internet Bank

Kookmin Bank and Kakao Bank account for 87% of high-end loans. Although, in the beginning, Internet professional banks were expected to build a niche market by attracting customers with low-to-low credit ratings, customer..

Chinese content export channel blocked, Economic special zone to be open in ‘Shenzhen’

The domestic content industry, which is tightly exported to China, finds its pores in the special economic zone of Shenzhen d..