Korea still hesitating while EU to reorganize tax system under ‘Google tax’ charge

The European Union is speeding up tax reforms aimed at large Internet companies such as Google and Facebook. Although there have been such movements in Korea, it has not been able to speed up due to ordinary problems. ..

Review on ‘6% exceeding’ mortgage loan… ‘Household debt interest’ may blow up

The US Federal Reserve raised policy rates in three months, and the era of reversal of interest rates between Korea and the Unite..

Samsung SDI to cooperate with local enterprise…Battery to be ordered overseas continuously

Samsung SDI has won orders for large and mid-size batteries from overseas, including electric cars, electric commercial vehicle b..

Aftereffect of Uber autonomous car disastrous accident, ToyotaㆍnoTonomy to stop pilot operation

The world`s biggest car caller, autonomous car-related companies are shutting down their test operations one after another as a r..

The numerous Korean ‘M&A ‘high tech’ sphere in China… Concern on technology & talent leak

Chinese companies have been the largest buyers of domestic high-tech companies over the past five years followed by media, entertainment, finance, materials, and health care. According to a report by the POSCO Manageme..

‘Lithium ion battery’ to boost export… Import increase rate to go up due to cost competition

The import of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which are emerging as future exporters, has increased more than 70% for the second consecutive year. Korea is at the top level in the world, but the cost competitivenes..

‘State aid trouble’ expected due to increasing hydrogen car demand… Nexo pre-sale to exceed 700 cars

Hyundai`s hydrogen electric car `Nexo` has been contracted for more than 700 cars a day in reserved sales. This year, the governm..