Battery material to be led by China… ‘Suzerain’ Korea less than 10%

It is found that main core parts and materials such as cathode materials, anode materials, electrolytes, and separators are being pushed to China and Japan in Korea, which is considered as a lithium-ion battery powerhouse..

Samsung Electronics to do reorganization…Supporting TF to be hidden

Samsung Electronics has finalized organizational restructuring and staffing last year. However, he said that nothing can be disclosed about the contents of the Business Support Task Force (TF), which has attracted public..

Interest rate to go up…Household debt to increase KRW 10 trillion on monthly basis

Household debt to enter KRW 1400 trillion Household debt surged in the third quarter, exceeding KRW 1,400 trillion for the first time ever. Especially, even during the implementation of the government`s intense real es..

Korea to purchase American weapon along with Shale gas…Even trade negotiation to be used by USA

The US government has promised to purchase shale gas in addition to promises to buy US weapons. There is a growing concern that the US is likely to launch a trade strategy that is overly pervasive before it begins negotia..

Hyundai & Kia Motors to get back hydrogen car leadership

Hyundai & Kia Motors are trying to regain the leadership of the hydrogen-fueled electric car (FCEV) that Toyota h..

Chinese Baidu to enter Korean cloud market in the beginning of next year

Baidu, known as `Google of China`, is expected to enter Korean cloud service market early next year. It is a strategy to sell its cloud infrastructure to Korean companies and to use a "win-win model" to help China enter t..

Ordinary people’s default rate to increase…Bank risk to get bigger

It has been pointed out that the possibility of a bankruptcy is high as the delinquency rate of `Shinseonhang loans`, which is being implemented as part of the government`s plan to expand the people`s finances, is increas..