The Digital Times - Terms and conditions

Chapter1. General rule

Article1. Purpose of terms and conditions

The purpose of this terms and conditions is to provide general information on all services (hereafter mentioned as ‘service’) of Digital Times Co., Ltd (hereafter mentioned as ‘Company’) related conditions and procedures.

Article2. Terms and conditions effect and change

① The terms and conditions shall take effect by notifying it to the members through E-mail.
② The terms and conditions is subject to change upon request and changed terms and conditions shall take effect and shall be notified to the members through abovementioned article1 method.

Article3. Regulation except terms and conditions

The matters not specified in these terms and conditions are subject to the provisions of the Telecommunications Basic Act, the Telecommunications Business Act and the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization Act along with other related laws and regulations.

Article4. Terms description

Terms specified in these terms and conditions are as below;
① <Service> refers to a variety of information, goods or services provided by the company through the Internet, mobile, ARS, consultation, and other media, including web services and further various services of the company.
② <Member> is an individual, company, or organization that has provided personal information to the company in accordance with the terms and conditions and has registered as a member. Member can use the services provided by the company. Members are classified as individuals, corporate members, and foreigners.
③ <Member ID> is a combination of letters and numbers set by the member and confirmed by the company to identify members and use the services of the members.
④ <Password> is a combination of letters and numbers set by a member for password.
⑤ <E-Mail> is internet related mail service.
⑥ <Operator> is the company in charge of overall service control and operation and employees along with person in charge appointed by the company.
⑦ <Membership> withdrawal’ is a termination service agreement due to membership period termination and other various reasons.
⑧ Separate terms and conditions for individual services may define definitions for terms that are not defined in these terms and conditions upon request.

Chapter2. Service agreement

Article5. Service agreement establishment

① If a user clicks the ‘Accept’ button on ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’, a user shall be deemed to agreed to these terms and conditions.
② In the case of ‘Member’ does not agree with the changed terms, a member shall click ‘I do not agree’ button. If the member intends to use the ‘Service’ even after the terms and conditions have changed and become effective under Article 2, ‘Member’ shall be deemed to have agreed to the changes of the Terms.
③ The service agreement is established by the Company's confirmation of the application for service use made after the user has agreed to the terms and conditions of the service.

Article6. Service request

① Service shall be requested based on the company designated service application form.
② All the information on the online registration form is considered to be actual data. Users who do not enter their real name or actual information are excluded from legal protection and may be restricted from using the service.

③ ‘Individual Membership’ shall include below mentioned membership information.
1) User name
2) Member ID / Password
3) Password reissue question / Password reissue answer
4) Birth date, gender
5) E-mail
6) Additional information list for newsletter service that is used for a member’s rights promotion
7) Cell phone number
8) Auto sign up prevention

Article7. Service request acceptance

① When a member fills out an application for service use by accurately describing the matters as above mentioned in Article 6, the Company may accept it with the exception of paragraphs 2 and 3 below. Some of the services may be limited based on items listed information.
② The company may not accept service request in the case of below mentioned paragraphs.
1) In the case of anonymous name (based on Seoul Credit Evaluation Information DB)
2) In the case of other person’s name use
3) In the case of providing false information
4) In the case of poor intended service use request which may harm social order and tradition.
5) In the case of request that may affect the basic service of the company or other services.
6) In the case of insufficient service request condition satisfaction
7) In the case of below 14 years old child’s service request without his/her parental or a legal representative permission.
③ The company may postpone acceptance in the case of below mentioned paragraphs.
1) In the case of full facility
2) In the case of technical error
3) In the case of difficult service request acceptance due to other company’s condition

Article8. Membership information change

Members shall manage their personal information in good faith in order to use the service and provide smooth information to the company. In case of any change, the member shall make change immediately by online connection or by contacting the company. Members are responsible for any problems caused by unauthorized changes.

Article9. Membership withdrawal

① The member who intends to withdraw the membership shall proceed with membership withdrawal procedure on-line
② In the case of membership withdrawal by entering a member ID and a password, the subscription and service agreement shall automatically be terminated unless there is a temporary problem on the company system.
③ The confirmation of the membership termination and service agreement has been terminated if the related member cannot log in with his/her existing member ID and password.
④ The company has the right to terminate the service agreement (withdrawal from membership) or limit or suspend the service use for a considerable period of time without prior notice in the event that the member conducts activities mentioned in Article 11.

Chapter3. Agreement parties’ liabilities

Article10. The company liabilities

① Company shall not disclose, leak or distribute the personal information of the members acquired in connection with the provision of the service to any other person without prior consent of the member and shall not use it for commercial purposes other than service related business. However, the following cases are exceptions from above mentioned cases;

1) Act on Financial Real Name Transaction and Confidentiality, Act on Use and Protection of Credit Information related law
2) In the case of special regulations in laws such as Basic Law of Telecommunications, Telecommunication Business Law, Local Tax Law, Consumer Protection Act, Bank of Korea Act, Criminal Procedure Act
3) In the case of providing specific individuals in an unidentifiable form as requested for statistical writing / academic research or market research process.
4) In the case of some information share with member’s business partners and affiliates for the member’s sponsor for event participation and other better services.
5) In the case of information is provided for notified business partner or alliances. However, in the case of paragraphs 1-4, 1-5, the Company requires that business partners and affiliates not disclose or leak members’ information to other parties. Nonetheless, if a business partner or affiliate discloses or leaks the member information to another person, the company is not liable for leakage unless there is intentional gross negligence.

② The Company may create and use statistical data on the personal information of all or a part of its members in connection with its business, and may transmit the cookie to the member's computer through the service within the scope of paragraph 1. In this case, the member can change the settings of the computer browser that they use to refuse to accept cookies or to warn them of receipt of cookies.

③ The Company may provide the member with the membership services and the company's various events or information services by e-mail or letter mail. In addition, if the member indicates that he/she would like to receive suggestions or information from the company's portal site, business partners and affiliates at the time of registration, the member shall be notified by e-mail of services and products. If members do not want to receive these types of messages, they may edit their information to not receive e-mail.

④ In the case of the member’s claim is legitimate, the company shall handle the claim immediately. However, in the case of immediate claim handling difficulty, the member shall be notified of the reason and the claim processing schedule.

Article11. The member liability

① The member shall not be involved in below mentioned acts during service use period.
1) The member shall not use other member’s ID illegally
2) The user shall not violate a third party’s rights such as copyrights
3) The user shall not spread any information, sentence or figure that may violate public order and tradition.
4) The act that may be related to crime.
5) Reproducing of the information obtained from the service for purposes other than the member's use without prior confirmation of the Company or using it for publication or broadcasting or to provide this information to a third party.
6) The member shall not use the third party’s e-mail without prior permission.
7) Charges for goods and services, which are purchased through the company services. Un-payment of any obligation that the member is obliged to pay for the service of the company on due date.
8) Other acts that may violate other related law or regulations
② Members are obliged to comply with the terms and conditions and instructions for using the service or cautions.
3.Members are obliged to check the restrictions posted on the service announcement or separately notified by the company.
④ The member shall not use the service without the prior consent of the company for sales purposes, and the company shall not be liable for the result of the sales activity and the result of using the sales activity that the member violated the terms.

⑤ Members shall not transfer or give the service use right or other agreement status to a third party without the Company’s prior confirmation. The member cannot provide service use right to the third party as a guarantee.

Chapter4. Service

Article12. Member’s liability and duty on membership ID and Password

① Members are responsible for the membership ID and password. Also Members are responsible for any consequences arising from mismanagement of their ID and password and fraudulent use.
② A member shall notify the company in the case of the member ID is used by someone else unauthorized.

Article13. Information provision

① Members are able to use all the services of the company with the member ID issued at the time of membership registration through the company service. However, some services such as paid services and shopping mall purchases can be used through a separate subscription procedure, in which case the terms of use for those services take precedence over these terms.
② Unless otherwise specified in the Terms and Conditions on use of the new services and additional services as a result of the expansion of the company services, the same procedure shall apply to above mentioned Paragraph 1. In this case, information on the start of new services and services will be forwarded to the member through e-mail. The member may refuse to information acceptance on membership information modification page.

③ The company may provide diverse information to the member through e-mail, cable media, postal mail, etc. in the personal information starting process at the time of application for membership in order to improve the rights of the member and obtain information.

Article14. Transaction with advertiser

This site contains services for promotional activities of advertisers out of the company. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damages incurred as a result of the member's participation in the promotional activities of the advertiser on the site or through the service.

Article15. Member’s postings

① Members are responsible for the software, programs, information, messages, data, documents, pictures, images, texts, sounds, personal information, etc. posted in each service of the company. Members are not responsible for damage caused by copyright infringement or other illegal activities.
② The company may separately set up detailed guidelines for the post use. The member shall register and delete various posts (including the transfer between members) in accordance with the company guidelines.
③ The material copyright saved or posted within each service belongs to the registrant of the material, and the postings and materials of others imported from outside are not copyrighted by the registrant.
④ Members cannot remove, modify, copy, publish, transmit, link or distribute the related program without proper permission or permission of the copyright holder of the Program. Members may not change or conceal the real name or anonymity of the copyright holder. Posting cannot be processed without copyright.
⑤ The company may use all materials and postings saved or posted in each service through publishing, CD-ROM production, etc. under the consent of the member or registrant who posted the materials.
⑥ In the case of any content (including transfer between members) within the service posted or delivered by a member is subject to the below cases. The company may delete below mentioned related postings without prior notification.
1) In the case of content that harms the honor of individuals and organizations by defaming or slandering others
2) In the case of public order and tradition violation
3) In the case of crime related contents
4) In the case of violating other’s right such as copyright
5) In the case of postings that is related to advertising or promotion rather than posting itself
6) Other contents that violate related law or the company regulations
7) In the case of false advertisement or false job offer, it will be subject to imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of up to KRW 20 million under Article 47 of the Employment Security Act.

Article16. Right and liability on posting

① The company possesses copyright on all postings on the site.
② The copyright of the posting published by the member belongs to the related member. However, the company assumes that the member has granted the right to use the posting for the company for free of charge.
③ Company-owned posts are subject to be protected by the company. The use or citation of posts by others on other sites is prohibited without the prior permission of the company.

Article17. Service period

① Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless otherwise stated in the Company's business or technical error or other special reasons. However, in case the company needs to inspect the service such as the inspection of facilities, or if there is obstacle to the use of the service due to the excessive use such as the breakdown of the facilities or the use of the service, the exception may be limited to the whole or part of the service use.
② The company may divide the service into a certain range and set the available time for each range separately. In this case, the changed contents will be announced in advance.

Article18. Service fee

① The company services are basically free. However, in the case of paid services, it is necessary to pay the fee specified in the information.
② Service fee may be applied differently based on the type of the member or the type of the paid product, and the amount may be separately designated or changed separately.
③ Service fee can be paid through one method out of below mentioned payment methods. The payment method is subject to change.
1) Payment by the company confirmed credit card
2) Online money transfer to the company designated bank account
3) Money transfer the company designated bank account
4) Payment by the company designated point
5) Other payment method designated by the company
④ In the case of using a credit card or any other method designated by the company, member shall manage the loss prevention of passwords by themselves.

Article19. Service use liability

Members shall not use the service to sell illegal goods, especially hacking, making money, advertising through commercial sites, illegal distribution of commercial software etc. The Company shall have no liability for any civil or criminal liability arising out of or in violation of this agreement.

Article20. Service suspension

① The company may suspend to provide service in the below cases
1) Unavoidable situation due to service facility maintenance such as construction
2) Other unavoidable situations
② The Company may restrict or discontinue all or part of the services in the case of interruption of the normal use of the service due to national emergency, power outage and disorder of the facilities or excessive usage.

Chapter5. Agreement revocation and service limit

Article21. Agreement revocation and service limit

① In the case of agreement revocation by the member, the member shall request agreement revocation to the company
② The Company may restrict the use of the service or suspend the use of the service without prior notice in the case of the member has performed any of the following acts.
1) In the case of stealing other member’s ID or password
2) In the case of intentional service operation disruption
3) In the case of anonymous name use for membership sign up
4) Intentional spread of contents that may harm public order or tradition.
5) In the case of the member plans or implements the use of the service for the purpose of impeding national interest or social public interest.
6) In the case of act that may harm other’s honor or may cause disbenefit for other.
7) In the case of transmitting large amount of information or transmitting advertisement information for the purpose of hindering stable operation of service

8) In the case of computer virus program that causes malfunction of information and communication facilities or destruction of information is circulated.
9) In the case of hindering the intellectual property rights of the company, other members or third parties
10) In the case of a request for corrective action by an outside organization such as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or if it is interpreted by the Election Commission in relation to the illegal campaign

11) Misuse of personal information, user ID and password of another member.
12) In the case of copy or distribute the information use it commercially obtained by using the company's service information without prior consent of the company.
13) In the case of the member posts pornographic material on his or her homepage or bulletin board, or links a sexually explicit site
14) In the case of violation of the terms of use and related laws set by the company

Chapter6. Others

Article22. Compensation

The Company shall not be liable for damages incurred by members in connection with the use of the service, unless there is intentional negligence by the company.

Article23. Indemnification

① The Company shall be exempted from liability for service in the case of impossible service provision due to natural disasters or force majeure.
② The Company shall not be liable for the use of the service due to the cause of the member.
③ The Company shall not be liable for the loss of the profits that the member expects to use the service and shall not be liable for damages caused by the data obtained through the service.
④ The Company shall not be liable for the information, data, truthfulness and accuracy of the personal information posted by members on the service.
⑤ The company has compensation or liability for any consequences arising from mutual transactions or relationships between members and not provided by the company.
⑥ The application of the terms and conditions shall be limited to members, and the company shall not be liable for any compensation or objection from third parties.

Article24. Privacy policy

The company protect the personal information of its members, and the company publish them in the ‘Company's Privacy Policy’. The main content is at the end of these terms and conditions.

Article25. Competent court

In the case of dispute and lawsuit occurrence due to the service, the dispute can be solved through a competent court.

(Supplementary provisions)
(Enforcement date) This terms and conditions are effective as of March 1, 2001.
(Revised terms and conditions enforcement date) Effective as of January 1, 2010.