"Future Bio key data... Obstructions of blocked regulations"

2017 Bio-Fusion Tech Conference "If we face regulation now in the inflection point of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or if..

Hillary Camp Hackers organized an attack on 100 Korean people in the US presidential election.

Russian hackers have hacked around the world, while another Russian hacker organization that hacked Hillary Clinton’s campaign..

Member number to show smooth increase after 5 years …Flat phone to be alive

This year`s subscriber base is expected to decrease. It is the first time since the launch of the phone business in 2012. According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communication a..

Crime blocking ‘Eye sensing technology’ trend… ‘Big Brother’ society to speed up

# 2054 Washington, USA. A state of the art security system, `Pre-crime`, which anticipates crimes and predicts crimes before they occur, predicts the time and place where the crime will occur, predicts who will commit the..

‘Core technology’ such as semiconductor device to be led…”Export to be blocked while blocking technology leak”

The Korean government is pushing for ways to ensure that state-of-the-art technology, including display and battery technology, is newly designated by the end of the year, so that it must be approved or approved by the go..

LG U Plus to launch AI speaker, Differentiation is answer to continuous question

LG U Plus will launch an AI speaker early next month. Although it is the slowest of the three mobile carriers and it is planned to differentiate it from its competitors by taking advantage of its strength as a leading pro..

Samsung & Apple ‘High price smartphone’…Followers to increase new product price as well

While Samsung Electronics and Apple have released the best-selling smartphones, latecomers such as Google and Huawei are also r..