“Excessive regulation for chemical substance information public opening”… Labor organization to criticize industry safety revised rules

Opposition voices have been raised not only by experts, businessmen, and the labor community, on the legislation of the "Industrial Safety and Health Act" amended by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in recent years. ..

US & China in tipping effect for block chain…Korea in ‘crisis’ without strategy

‘The block chain technology, which attracts attention as a `game changer` technology that changes the existing industrial struct..

Embers of re-emerging ‘4th mobile telecommunication…Government “should focus”

The Cable TV Broadcasting Association has expressed interest in the 4th telecom service as it announced its commitment to advance into the 4th mobile telecom business as a new growth engine of cable TV industry last week...

E-Mart to pilot run ‘autonomous driving cart’…Shopping with free hands

E-Mart will pilot two autonomous carts at the Traders Henan store on April 17 and 20th and promote commercialization within the n..

`Steep increase` of 5% despite base money rate freeze

Interest rates on mortgage loans have risen sharply while the Bank of Korea has frozen its benchmark interest rate. Fixed interest rates and fixed interest rates have soared along with the rise in funding cost index COPIX..

Samsung Electronics to protect No.1 worldwide TV market by ‘ultra -large QLED’

Han Jong-hee, President of Samsung Electronics, said this year that it will continue to lead the world TV market for 13 consecuti..

US to put sanction on ‘ZTE transaction’… Chine to have decided antidumping on ‘US sorghum’

There is a growing concern that the trade war between the United States and China will reignite. The US Department of Commerce ha..