[Digital Finance Conference] Strong ‘Finance out’ wind… “National precaution in need”

2017 Digital Finance Conference Digital financing is expanding around the world based on FinTech technology. It is hard to cope with the future financial market as the domestic financial market has been diagnosed by th..

“Semiconductor & display industry to invest KRW 52 trillion in factory construction etc. by 2024”

Korean semiconductors and display industry is expected to invest about KRW 52 trillion by 2024. Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix a..

Selling agents in deficit due to sluggish negotiation… KRW 10,700 for mobile carriers out of KRW 3 million

■Sub brand phone stands on the edge [Digital Times, Kang Eun-song] The bargain wholesale price negotiations are so called ‘lost messenger’. The deadline for negotiations to be completed by August is now in mid-Sept..

"2025 worldwide bio market to account for 5%”…Ministry of Science and Technology to focus on ‘Bio Innovative Strategy’

The Korean government has set up a nationwide strategy to foster `bio` as a new economic growth engine. The government aims to..

Capital strong organization & foreign investment interest in low performance…US to compare ‘start up-IPO-reinvestment’

Issue analysis, SME & Venture enterprise fate focused on KOSDAQ Large cap stock to be out The KOSDAQ market opened in 1996 in order to foster medium-term venture businesses focused on technology companies is facing th..

Semiconductor & Display device industry in favorable state… “Next year will be better”

[Digital Times, Kim Eun] Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, LG Display and other semiconductor and display manufacturers have been expanding investment in facility, and Korean companies manufacturing equipment for related pro..

From development to sales… Security industry in boom

`Jobs that woman cannot survive`. It is an image of Korean IT related profession recognized as 3D. There is a sign of change in..