Car industry in slow growth… "While 25% tariff to be growth killer”

Unemployed car tariff promotion industry in `emergency` As the Trump US administration is pushing for high tariffs of up to..

Only ‘income polarization’ caused by supporting workers’ pocket

Reality of income led growth policy of Moon government Since the inauguration of President Moon Jae-in, the household income..

“Even Bill Gates in beginner level in Korea”… SW experts’ level reality

"What happens when geniuses like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who are highly skilled in SW development participate in public SW development projects in Korea? Even if they have good skills, they can only get wages for element..

Incheon Airport T1 duty free bidding in success in 4 times

The duty-free bidding at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 (T1) may succeed due to the lowest bid price cut and recovery of the Korea-China relationship. According to Incheon International Airport Corporation, L..

LGD to produce 5 generation OLED light board… KRW 100 billion to be reached by 2020

LG Display is expected to significantly strengthen its organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting business. According to the..

After 6 months… The second issued note to NH Investment and Securities

NH Investment & Securities is the second largest investment bank in the world. As a result, with the Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd., which was approved in November of last year, the ultra-large IB market will for..

Pungyeri to open to S. Korea too… Moon’s arbitration in bigger expectation

North Korea has received a list of our joint members for the coverage of the dismantling of the Pungyeri nuclear test site on May..