SK Telecom to make ‘Nugu’ based open AI market

SK Telecom is expected to create an AI marketplace that buys and sells apps and services created by applying `Who`, an AI platfor..

LG Innotek to stop conference call…Is it due to main client-Apple?

LG Innotek has decided not to hold a conference call (conference call) for investors in the fourth quarter results, and sharehold..

Hyundai Motors to invest KRW 23 trillion in 5 major new business… "45,000 new job to be created within 5 years”

Hyundai Motor is expected to invest KRW 23 trillion in smart cars and artificial intelligence (AI) for the next five years and employ 45,000 people. It is a strategy to lead future mobility innovation in line with the tre..

Ministry of Public Administration and Security to fix e-Government ordering custom…Long term contract encouraged

The Korean government revises the `e-government project order system` to develop the IT industry. The government plans to revise the e-government law by the end of this year, following the application of the related conte..

Commission of Google Play app to be decreased 15%… Google increasing its market dominance

It is expected that Google will change the application fee policy of Google Play starting this year and lower the fees from `30%..

Samsung Heavy Industry "Success in KRW 1.500 trillion recapitalization… Profit expected next year”

Meeting with Nam Joon-woo-President of Samsung Heavy Industry Samsung Heavy Industries president, Nam Joon-woo, was confident..

16 IT products out of 20 top export product of China… “China ahead of Korean technology” crisis

China is rearranging its position as an IT (information technology) exporting powerhouse. Experts point out that China is threatening Korea`s position by showing high competitiveness not only in products such as smart pho..