China, ‘Defcon in favorable position while Korea going down every year… “Government & Corporate support in need”

1st place → 3rd place → 4th place. The Korean team`s performance at DEFCON, the world`s most prestigious hacking competition, is held every year in the United States. China, Taiwan and Taiwan have recently been at th..

Due to expensive price and charging… ‘TeslaㆍBYD ’ in difficulty in Korea

Representative electric vehicle companies such as Tesla of the United States and BYD of China are not able to make a good imp..

Mobile phone industry, ‘Financial yolk’ credit evaluation to compete in market

[Digital Times, Kang Eun-seong] KT and LG U Plus are expected to use big data technology to expand their `credit rating model..

Korea without solution in worldwide ‘Security Enforcement’… “Cyber battle defense may come”

South Korea has not been able to respond positively to this trend while the world`s major powers such as the United States, EU, China, Russia and India are tightening regulations on competitors` IT and security products i..

Virtual money exchange market ‘spring up’… Financial Organizations to protect investor only after accident

Issue Analysis, Virtual money exchange market `spring up`…Lack of regulation The virtual money market is rapidly increasi..

Leader standard ㆍ Response to THAAD…Content industry big issue in waiting

Government inspection as of October 12 [Digital Times, Kim Soo-yeon] It seems that the ruling elite`s criticism of cultural contents policy and pending issues will be poured out in this year`s audits. According to..

No repair centre despite of EV increase?

[Digital Times, Kim Yang-hyuk] The facilities for repairing vehicles are at a minimal level although the sales of electric cars..