[MWC 2018 opening] AIㆍautonomous driving carㆍsmart home…5G era & ICT future technology in one place

MWC 2018 [Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, the world`s largest mobile IT industry festival, wi..

Kumho tire in trouble… Creditors to enter receivership?

[Digital Times, Kim Yang-hyuk] Kumho Tire Labor and Management has failed to meet deadline for submitting plans for corporate normalization proposed by creditors. As a result, creditors are interested in putting a superpo..

GM Korea to have started to sell Gunsan plant to a third party…Much problem such as recruitment & price

The Korean government`s due diligence on GM Korea is scheduled to begin this week, and the focus is on how to deal with the disposal of the Gunsan plant in Korea. According to the automobile industry on February 25, th..

Financial sector to host periodic shareholder meeting next month, ‘Worker recommended director system’ to be hot potato

With the financial holding company`s regular shareholders` meeting scheduled for March, controversy over the recommendation of a worker`s recommendation is expected to rekindle. The major financial companies predicted a m..

‘High-tech’ such as 5G & AI … “The best stage to have promoted Korean ICT”

PyeongChang Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, which has inspired the world with a unif..

Over 60 inch large TV TV ‘UHD’ in boom…Fool HD to be hidden

`Full HD`, which gave place to Ultra High Definition (UHD), is expected to lose track of the big TV this year. UHD TV sales are expected to reach 99% this year for the first time in the 60-inch and larger TV market this y..

“I cannot sell as I do not have”… First emotional mascort-Suho & Bandabi in popularity

"I wanted to buy dolls like `Jangwon Suhwang Suhang` which is similar to Suhorang & Ban Dabi which is given to the players who wo..