Korea still hesitating while EU to reorganize tax system under ‘Google tax’ charge

The European Union is speeding up tax reforms aimed at large Internet companies such as Google and Facebook. Although there have been such movements in Korea, it has not been able to speed up due to ordinary problems. ..

Competition for roaming fee down system … SKT to start first smoothly

Carriers have also entered the war by lowering their prices on their roaming plans. This is one of the strategies that emphasize the low rate for the government`s universal fare system, such as the recent revision of the..

Review on ‘6% exceeding’ mortgage loan… ‘Household debt interest’ may blow up

The US Federal Reserve raised policy rates in three months, and the era of reversal of interest rates between Korea and the Unite..

Overtime working IT industry’s working hour in ‘emergency’…Difficulty in both selective and flexible work

The working hours of 300 or more employees have been reduced to 52 hours a week including 12 hours of extended work since July. I..

Samsung SDI to cooperate with local enterprise…Battery to be ordered overseas continuously

Samsung SDI has won orders for large and mid-size batteries from overseas, including electric cars, electric commercial vehicle b..

[Black desert mobile] A fun with various ‘free content’

The mobile game `Pearl Abyss`, `Black Desert Mobile`, which attracted attention as the top player i..

‘G2 war’ for blockchain patent… Korea 99 cases under 8%

Recently, the interest in the block chain has been growing due to the enthusiasm for investment in the money market, and competition between the United States and China for patent advancement is heating up. Experts poi..