"Decuple data within 8 years… Bigger security importance expected”

"The bigger the data means the greater the security of managing big data." BanSeng Teh, senior vice president of global at..

‘Galaxy Note 8’ to be launched within next month to recover a premium phone pride

Samsung Electronics` Galaxy Note 8, a strategic smartphone in the second half of the year, is approaching the market for the..

“Success by effective overseas projects”… Samsung & LG Electronics to merge overseas branches

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are planning to integrate sales, marketing, and research and development corporations that have been in major overseas markets such as Europe, China and Southeast Asia. The two compa..

KOSDAQ without a large-cap stock… "2nd league’ downfall in concern

Celltrion, the No.1 market cap on KOSDAQ, is now holding a temporary shareholders` meeting for KOSPI transfer. Thus, concerns are mounting that the KOSDAQ market, which has played a role as a bank for venture and small an..

580km drive with 1 time charge… Hyundai Motors to launch next generation hydrogen powered cars first in the world

Hyundai is expected to launch a hydrogen-powered electric car (hydrogen fuel cell car) which can run up to 580 kilometers (1,..

KRW 1 million gap between minimum and maximum…Smartphone price in a big gap

Smartphone manufacturers are expected to release high-end smartphones that will exceed KRW 1 million in the second half of this year. Recently, as the number of low-priced smartphones has increased, the price difference i..

‘Two way charger’ launched to electricity supply to a family by EV

Hyundai Mobis has developed core technology which can be applied as an energy storage device (ESS) that moves electric vehicles. It is a technology that enables electricity to be supplied to homes when an electric car tha..