Annual salary return & store reduction…Duty Free Shop to tighten its belt due to THAAD retalation

The duty-free industry has started emergency management due to the aftermath of the THAAD retaliation measures in China and the deterioration of business environment caused by the saturation of duty free shops in the city..

LG Display to develop 77 inch transparent flexible OLED for the first time in the world

[Digitial Times, Park Seul-gee] LG Display has developed a 77-inch transparent flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) for..

Autonomous vehicle ‘SNUver’ to run in Seoul…15 minutes full run in 5km interval in Yeouido

An autonomous vehicle which runs without driver`s operation was the first in Korea to successfully test drive on the city`s pub..

Mobile fee discount to be expanded up to 25%…Basic fee abolition on hold

Korean government confirmed mobile fee reduction plan The new government has confirmed to establish rate of mobile fee discounts (rate discounts corresponding to subsidies, choice contracts) from 25% to 20%, and reduce..

Hancom-EBS to make AI 1 to 1 learning service until next year

Hancum and EBS will build `AI based one-to-one learning tutoring system`. This system is the key to AI`s personalized program. ..

More competition vs more cost burden…’complete self supporting system’ communication cut effect in controversy

The discussion on the introduction of ‘Complete self-support system for mobile phone`, in which mobile phones are purchased directly from the manufacturer and the service opening only for mobile operators, is getting con..

Chey Tae-won’s excellent ‘Alliance move’…”SK to be No.2 in NAND market”

[Digital Times, Park Seul-gee] The Korea-US-Japan Alliance with SK Hynix has been selected as the preferred bidder in the sale bi..