2weeks maternity leave for menㆍOverseas training for newly promoted general managers? Lee Jae-hyun, CEO of CJ to change corporate culture

Lee Jae-hyun, CEO of CJ Group, who returned to the business after four years, has introduced a corporate cult..

payers’ money in DSME. Will company keep its promise on offshore plant issue?

Park Geun-hye, the former government and the state-owned bank, added KRW 2.9 trillion to DSME, and the promise that the offsh..

Samsung in more favorable position in automotive section…to control production process

Samsung Electronics, which is developing its automobile electric parts business, has expanded its business area to the manufa..

Record high KRW 1360 trillion household debts despite of decreased increase range

Household debt of Korea has risen more than KRW 17 trillion in the first quarter this year. As the financial authorities tightened the household loans, the range of increase was smaller than last year. However, the balanc..

Rollable smartphone like a roll… Rollable display era approaching fast

The patent applications related to `rollable display` which can be easily carried around by rolling the TV screen or the smar..

Up to 50% of 20, 30s KAIST entrepreneurs… Venture eco system in favorable position

# Kwon Gi-hyun. KAIST Electrical and Electronics Engineering Deptartment 04 Student. Although it is a name unfamiliar to the general public, but is symbolic in the domestic social commerce sector. He is one of co-founders..

E-mart to put on the brakes for logistics center, store establishment due to safety issue and coexistence issue

Shinsegae`s logistics center, warehouse-type discount stores, department stores, and no-brand specialty stores expansion is i..