Aggressive M&A in Chey Tae-won style, sales up while situation went better

The SK Group, which converted into a holding company in 2015, is aggressively expanding its business by 12% in the number of consolidated subsidiaries in the three years ahead. This is the outcome of aggressive merger and..

Democratic Party to target vulnerable regions… Korea Party to support `Gyeongbu line`

6 ? 13 regional elections official campaign began since May. Leaders and members of each political party also sought a strategy or base area and launched a full-fledged support campaign. In addition, the Democratic Party..

Hanhwa to resolve ordering on relationship based… A standard tactics of holding change to have been selected

The Hanwha Group merged Hanwha S & C and Hanwha Systems and reorganized Hanwha, which is the top-ranking parent company, to strengthen its responsible management. Hanwha S & C, a group IT service provider, has resolved th..

No growth…While recruitment lagging behind

The Korea Development Institute, a national research institute, has maintained a 2.9 percent growth rate this year. But, it has lowered the estimate of the number of employed workers from 300,000 to mid-200,000 this year...

Return after using 2 years… Smartphone rental market to open

‘SK Telecom is expected to launch a smartphone rental service to transform the mobile communication market. The intention is to..

Kim Sang-jo to fight for economic democracy… ‘Kim Dong-yeon passing rumor’ to spread

Kim Sang-jo, the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, is now taking up the task of "Economic Democratization Task Force (TF)," raising the issue of so called "Kim Dong-yeon passing rumor". According to the government..

US to take away tariff from China without delay… G2 Trade war may cause trouble

The US and China are the signs of resuming the trade war again. Whether it will expand into a full-scale war is hard to predict, but it is bad for our export front. The conflict with the European Union has not yet foun..