Rare medicine market- ‘Blue Ocean’…. Pharmaceutical companies to target niche market

The pharmaceutical industry is targeting niche markets by concentrating on marketable rare pharmaceuticals with a lot of government development support. Rare pharmaceuticals can be licensed after Phase II clinical t..

Refining industry in crude oil import line diversification plan…Asia and American crude oil import to be expanded

Korean oil refineries are planning to diversify crude oil import lines in earnest this year. In the midst of reliance on crude oil from the Middle East, 80% of the country`s crude oil imports are used to reduce potential..

The record high revenue?operating profit?net profit? SK Hynix to strengthen ?Group One Top? position

SK Hynix has achieved record-high profit in the first quarter, boosting semiconductors as its core business. SK Hynix is expected to strengthen its position as a "one-stop" within the group, as its investment target, incl..

Fourth industrial revolution solution of presidential candidates…Candidate Moon, “SW development under government leadership” Ahn, “Leadership shall be given to public and corporations.”

“SW industry to be developed under government leadership.(Moon Jae-in, presidential candidate of Democratic Party)" "Innovation shall be led by public and corporations.( Ahn Cheol-soo, presidential candidate of Nationali..

KT to commercialize narrowband Internet of Things for the first time…Mobile carriers, industry and public IoT competition

Korean mobile carriers` competition in the industry and public Internet of Things (IoT) market has begun to gain momentum. SK..

Arcade game dreaming revival by VR, tangible technology

Arcade game in the center of attention in VR era VR game in core of five sense experience contents Arcade game best mar..

Worldwide steel industry in favorable position…Depressing Korean manufacturers in protective trade

Strict protective trade by Trump Shipbuilding industry in trouble for many years “Korean demand 2% down this year” “Market diversification effect should be minimized” [Digital Times, Yang Jee-yoon] T..