Battery material to be led by China… ‘Suzerain’ Korea less than 10%

It is found that main core parts and materials such as cathode materials, anode materials, electrolytes, and separators are being pushed to China and Japan in Korea, which is considered as a lithium-ion battery powerhouse..

Seoul subway to be changed as ‘Smart station’… ‘Gunja station’ to be the first

The Seoul subway station is expected to be transformed into a `smart station` that combines the 4th industry revolution technology such as Internet of Things (IoT) and the safety first. According to the industry on Nov..

Samsung Electronics to do reorganization…Supporting TF to be hidden

Samsung Electronics has finalized organizational restructuring and staffing last year. However, he said that nothing can be disclosed about the contents of the Business Support Task Force (TF), which has attracted public..

Interest rate to go up…Household debt to increase KRW 10 trillion on monthly basis

Household debt to enter KRW 1400 trillion Household debt surged in the third quarter, exceeding KRW 1,400 trillion for the first time ever. Especially, even during the implementation of the government`s intense real es..

Google to have violated privacy again? Location information collection without consent in controversy

Google has been reluctant to send personal information about smartphone users who use Android, its operating system (OS), to Go..

Blood vessel cleaning sensor • AI doctor… ‘Let us live by 100’ medical IDX to be trend

ETRI ` intelligence digitalization` strategy 2030. Unlike the past, Mr. Kim, an office worker, did not have to spend time in the hospital..

Block “iPhone X gust”…Samsung to go with ‘Galaxy experience’ for 10,000 users

Samsung Electronics has launched a check on Apple`s 10th anniversary smartphone, the iPhone X, which is showing signs of a so c..