Medium construction companies in the capital to supply over 24,800 houses in redevelopment
Park Sang Gil | sweatsk@ | 2018-05-28 10:57:20

Mid-sized construction companies are expected to supply 24,800 units of urban maintenance projects such as redevelopment and reconstruction by the end of the year. The market is the newest volume in the last two years.

According to Real-Today, a real estate research firm on May 27, from mid-May to December this year, the redevelopment and reconstruction supply of mid-sized construction companies is 24,494, of which 14,471 are supplied as general sale. This is more than the volume in 2016 and 2017, although it is mostly in the second half. 3331 households in 2016 and 7373 households in 2017 were sold in general.

The metropolitan area by region has 16,541 households and the metropolitan city has 14,441 households. Large construction companies have succeeded in entering the metropolitan area by attacking a niche that has been downgraded from the metropolitan area where regulation is concentrated. By Construction Company, Hanyang is the largest with 3294 households, followed by Hyeilim Construction with 2,339, Isu Construction with 1,624, and Doosan with 1483. Hanyang emerged as the winner of last year`s redevelopment (3,049 households) of the 4th district of Gimpo North side of 490 billion won, which is the largest scale in the metropolitan area.

On the other hand, Hanyang plans to sell 1,152 households in Cheongnyongni Hanyang under the redevelopment of Seoul Cheongryangri Eastern Market and the market in the second half of next year, following 711 households in Seongnam Gold Mine area, which reconstructed the Gangnam area in July. Besides, 410 households of copper residents, Hanyang Water, who rebuilt the copper residence district in Guri City, are sold. In Dalseo-gu, Daegu, 1021 households of Song Hyeon Hanyang Water Corporation, which reconstructed Song Hyun 2-dong, will be sold.

Hyeilim Construction sells 930 pieces of Moa Elga in Gwangju Guilin 4 area and 567 pieces of Moa Elga 5 area in Chuncheon pharmacist promotion area, which redeveloped 244 pieces of Moa 4-ga area, 4 areas of Gyeonggi area in Gyeonggi area. Isu E & C plans to supply redevelopment and reconstruction to Jeonju, Changwon and Doosan E & C in Gyeonggi and Goyang, respectively.

Meanwhile, Zhonghung Construction re-developed the machine shop in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul this month, and the Yeongdeungpo Jungheung S Class, which is in sale, has a competition rate of up to 174.67 to 1. Ssangyong E & C also reconstructed the 6th district of Seoul Pyeongchang in the same month and visited 15,000 spectators on the first weekend of the Yongsan Yeonga the cloud housing complex, which is being sold out. The exclusive area of Mt. Yonggak the cloud of Yongmasan station Ssangyong is 59㎡ and 75 ~ 84㎡ sale prices are 400 million won and 500 million won respectively. Considering that only 84m2 of Yongmamsan Station`s Kolon light-sea banking area is currently trading at 610million ~ 630million won, it is 100million won cheaper.

The construction industry specialist said, "In the past, orders related to the reconstruction and redevelopment projects were selected mainly for large construction companies with high brand awareness." However, recently, mid-sized construction companies have been sold at low prices compared to specialized designers and the interest of them is increasing."

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