The Digital Times - Company introduction


‘Digital Times strives to be communication window as compass and guard of the modern information era’.

‘Compass of the modern information era’
Information bio convergent society, in which human unites with information.
Digital Times has been started to be compass of the modern information era’.

‘Guard’ of ICT
ICT(Information & Communication Technology) Digital Times is playing role as a guard in the modern era, which is full of digital information.

‘Economic newspaper’ of digital era
Digital Times not only monitors and promotes digital industry such as telecommunication, media and internet but also traditional industry such as distribution, construction, shipbuilding, automobile along with finance field.

‘Window’ of communication
We communicate with the world through not only newspaper but also internet, mailing, mobile and app.
We suggest you special perspective through differentiated vision

‘Utmost effort’ for capacity retention
We always strive to keep better capacity in the perspective of digital era.


‘Digital Times pursues coexistence and difference in the age of limitless competition’.

We pursue ‘difference’ rather than competition.
Creative back maker leads society evolution rather than habituated winner.
We, Digital Times’ do our utmost to convey above values to the society through article and commentary

We prefer ‘depth’ beyond ‘rapidity’.
Perspective of insight provision is more important than ever.
We strive to analyze deep meaning of events but maintain virtue of breaking new at the same time

Digital Times prefers ‘We’ rather than ‘I’.
Real media suggests right direction to a community.
We avoid biased ‘I’ and ‘We’ and support the journalism which pursues coexistence.

We pursue ‘worthful newspaper’ beyond ‘argumentative newspaper’.
It is true that the word ‘argument’ includes biased egoism in it.
We rather accompany with the society value than ambiguous argument.

We strive to be the ‘Core’ of growth of Korea.
We build happy country through creative economy of ICT convergence.
Digital Times promises to fulfill its mandate.