Return after using 2 years… Smartphone rental market to open

‘SK Telecom is expected to launch a smartphone rental service to transform the mobile communication market. The intention is to..

2nd round of limitless data competition… KT under fire after LGU+’s gunport

The unlimited data fee competition of mobile carriers has come to an end in earnest. LG U+ ran first and attracted the attention of users, and KT fired the war in three months. SK Telecom is also expected to play a role i..

92% of operation rate…Samsung SDI in ‘full charging process’ for small batteries

Samsung SDI is now speeding up its earnings momentum with its battery business. The capacity utilization rate of the small-sized battery production line is approaching 92%, and the company is expected to invest aggressive..

What is the use of Quantum Cryptography telecommunication…Hard to secure budget in reality

Quantum cryptography is in the center of attention as a security technology in the 5th generation mobile communication (5G) age...

Unlimited roaming & charge per second… Data fee battle going on for mobile carriers

The mobile carrier industry, which is under pressure from the government and civic groups, is making a breakthrough with the surg..

Disturbing ‘Cisco world’… Network solution industry to be in lead

The network solution industry is doing its best to shake up the `Cisco`. Cisco is still a strong leader, with nearly 50 % percent..

From a tiny shop to a global company…Magic of ‘Freak, Stanford, VC’

`Although the beginning is weak, the result will be great.` This commonly quoted phrase is a perfect match for Silicon Valle..