SK Telecom to make ‘Nugu’ based open AI market

SK Telecom is expected to create an AI marketplace that buys and sells apps and services created by applying `Who`, an AI platfor..

Commission of Google Play app to be decreased 15%… Google increasing its market dominance

It is expected that Google will change the application fee policy of Google Play starting this year and lower the fees from `30%..

16 IT products out of 20 top export product of China… “China ahead of Korean technology” crisis

China is rearranging its position as an IT (information technology) exporting powerhouse. Experts point out that China is threatening Korea`s position by showing high competitiveness not only in products such as smart pho..

Accidental nuclear war by hacking?…Warning on “Nuclear weapon system rearrangement”

In an unstable international situation, such as the heightened tension between the North and the US, the possibility that an acci..

Secret information to be dominated within 30 seconds…Remote SW security to have been turned on

#One smart factory is connected to `internal network (intranet)` with no connection to external internet. The plant manager says it is the only way to prevent sophisticated hacking attacks. This is a scene of the animated..

Wireless sea communication network’ to be order, continuous frequency change suggestion

[Digital Times, Jong Ye-rin] It is suggested that the Korean government should change the frequency to be used for LTE-M, which is expected to be placed in the first half of this year. The government is pushing ahead w..

‘HMI based technology innovation’ to be in boom as an autonomous car core

Technology innovation based on Human Machine Interface (HMI) emerged as the core of autonomous driving at major exhibitions held..