Seoul subway to be changed as ‘Smart station’… ‘Gunja station’ to be the first

The Seoul subway station is expected to be transformed into a `smart station` that combines the 4th industry revolution technology such as Internet of Things (IoT) and the safety first. According to the industry on Nov..

Google to have violated privacy again? Location information collection without consent in controversy

Google has been reluctant to send personal information about smartphone users who use Android, its operating system (OS), to Go..

Blood vessel cleaning sensor • AI doctor… ‘Let us live by 100’ medical IDX to be trend

ETRI ` intelligence digitalization` strategy 2030. Unlike the past, Mr. Kim, an office worker, did not have to spend time in the hospital..

Block “iPhone X gust”…Samsung to go with ‘Galaxy experience’ for 10,000 users

Samsung Electronics has launched a check on Apple`s 10th anniversary smartphone, the iPhone X, which is showing signs of a so c..

OLED TV with bigger screens… “Over 60 inch to be trend next year”

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) TV products are becoming larger and larger. If the 55-inch OLED TV market is the product of..

LG U Plus to establish ‘5G department’ first among three mobile carriers

LG U Plus plans to create a 5G business promotion team, a dedicated organization, in order to fully implement 5G. LG U Plus is..

Samsung Electronics to have passed Intel and became No.1 in worldwide semiconductor

Samsung Electronics has surpassed Intel by virtue of the boom in memory semiconductors. Intel, which had been the number one player since 1993, suffered a shame from Korean companies. In addition, SK Hynix also ranked thi..