Disturbing ‘Cisco world’… Network solution industry to be in lead

The network solution industry is doing its best to shake up the `Cisco`. Cisco is still a strong leader, with nearly 50 % percent..

From a tiny shop to a global company…Magic of ‘Freak, Stanford, VC’

`Although the beginning is weak, the result will be great.` This commonly quoted phrase is a perfect match for Silicon Valle..

Drone to fly from 43km away control room… "From 50m up to find missing child”

[Digital Times, Jong Ye-rin] Once it hit the start of the flight, the drone, which is located near the Miro Park in Yeoju City,..

“Even Bill Gates in beginner level in Korea”… SW experts’ level reality

"What happens when geniuses like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who are highly skilled in SW development participate in public SW development projects in Korea? Even if they have good skills, they can only get wages for element..

Korean game company succeeding in American market

Korean game companies are promoting in the US mobile game market. Seven out of the top 50 mobile game gaming indexes are served b..

Local companies in reverse discrimination… while global contents to counterattack

[Digital Times, Kim Soo-yeon] Global Internet major corporations are starting to attack the Korean local Internet content market. There is growing concern that the entire Internet market, including content such as video a..

IC terminal business stopped in 90%…“while two months left until deadline”

IC terminal replacement time has remained only two months, but more than 10% of all franchise stores are not replaced. Accordi..