China, ‘Defcon in favorable position while Korea going down every year… “Government & Corporate support in need”

1st place → 3rd place → 4th place. The Korean team`s performance at DEFCON, the world`s most prestigious hacking competition, is held every year in the United States. China, Taiwan and Taiwan have recently been at th..

Mobile phone industry, ‘Financial yolk’ credit evaluation to compete in market

[Digital Times, Kang Eun-seong] KT and LG U Plus are expected to use big data technology to expand their `credit rating model..

Korea without solution in worldwide ‘Security Enforcement’… “Cyber battle defense may come”

South Korea has not been able to respond positively to this trend while the world`s major powers such as the United States, EU, China, Russia and India are tightening regulations on competitors` IT and security products i..

Virtual money exchange market ‘spring up’… Financial Organizations to protect investor only after accident

Issue Analysis, Virtual money exchange market `spring up`…Lack of regulation The virtual money market is rapidly increasi..

Leader standard ㆍ Response to THAAD…Content industry big issue in waiting

Government inspection as of October 12 [Digital Times, Kim Soo-yeon] It seems that the ruling elite`s criticism of cultural contents policy and pending issues will be poured out in this year`s audits. According to..

"Private information" in chaos

[Reportage] In 10 `private information blind spot` waste zone "It`s funny that no one thinks it`s a problem, but there is..

No technical protection as digital document…Detailed guideline in urgent

Lack of paper personal information document IT has been introduced as a neural network in society and industries, and a mass..