The National Police Agency’s tiny budget for vaccine program…Allocation amount down for 10 years

Nowadays, the importance of cyber security has increased due to provocations by North Korea, and it is anticipated that the National Police Agency will launch a vaccine construction project with less budget than the Minis..

North Korean Nuclear & currency swap in its ‘culmination’… "October crisis’ to come?

The Korean economic team, which ran barely after the inauguration of Moon Jae-in, appears to have faced a major crisis both i..

Mobile carrier subsidy up in concern due to ‘25% fee discount’

Users tend to choose fare discount more than terminal subsidy as the rate of discount is increasing. The mobile carriers are in the process of raising the `subsidy for handsets` as they are inevitably suffering a steady d..

Forceful witness request signs… ‘Entrepreneurs’ to be investigated again?

The prospect that the main chaebols (conglomerates) and CEOs of large conglomerates will appear in the post of chairman of the National Assembly as witnesses ahead of the inspection of the National Assembly next month, an..

“B3B target without THAAD retaliation effect”…Logistics to speed up toward China

The Korean logistics industry is accelerating in the rapidly expanding Chinese market. Most of the companies that have entere..

Toshiba acquisition battle in final stage…Korea-US-Japan in renegotiation consortium

The acquisition of Toshiba`s memory semiconductor business is continuing to hark back to the last minute. A consortium between..

UHD TV in golden age… ‘Full HD’ release to surpass market share

In the global TV market, UHD TV market share is expected to surpass full HD TV for the first time in early quarter 3. It is analyzed that UHD TV price decrease and popularization and UHD contents surge have accelerated pr..