SKT one step ahead “IoT will be commercialized nationwide in April”

SK Telecom is expected to build `LTE Cat M1`, a nationwide network of Internet (IoT) following `LoRa` network, and commercialize..

Japanese TV with OLED to target market boom

Japanese TV makers such as Sony, which once dominated the world TV market, are looking for a brilliant resurgence with organic light emitting diode (OLED) TV. Japan`s Sony, for the first time in the high-priced OLED TV ma..

SKT to partner with Nokia and CISCO to explore `5G technology`export

SK Telecom revealed that it will conclude a strategic partnership with Nokia and Cisco in order to enter the global market of `5G..

Athletesㆍreferees to be supported by ‘wireless communication’…‘Frequency solution’-hidden treasure of Olympic Games

"We have to use this radio unconditionally, please solve it." At the end of the foreign athletes` team, the staff of the Minis..

KT to open city VR theme park… “KRW 1 trillion worth augmented media market to open”

KT is expected to open VRIGHT, a city virtual reality (VR) theme park in March, and make a full-fledged entry into the VR and AR..

GM to pull out’-interest rate up-trade pressure… “Relationship enhancement in priority with US”

The Korean economy is confronted with `triple-glazed`, which is the reversal of US interest rates - normal pressure - the withdra..

“Developed countries to have introduced new technology such as AIㆍ robot, Labor productivity down”

Labor productivity of developed countries has declined in the introduction of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and robots. Investments in new digital technologies are expanding, but productivity is de..