Lim Ji-hoon, Kakao CEO, "We will focus on AI eco system expansion with partner companies"

2nd Anniversary of Kakao CEO-Lim Ji-hoon [Digital Times, Kim Soo-yeon] "We will expand Kakao Artificial Intelligence (AI)..

Security verificationㆍPersonal identification…Simple `graphic verification` to be in trend

`Graphic verification` which matches a picture set by a key to a picture (hole) that a user has previously selected is in the..

Chinese content export channel blocked, Economic special zone to be open in ‘Shenzhen’

The domestic content industry, which is tightly exported to China, finds its pores in the special economic zone of Shenzhen d..

Toshiba Memory acquisition target, Final decision under ‘Korea-US-Japan Allience’

TOKYO - Toshiba Corporation has decided to sell its memory semiconductor business to Korea-US-Japan Alliance Consortium, whic..

Reckless management?Recruitment corruption?Lax Financial Supervisory Service

The Board of Audit and Inspection to have found 52 illegal & unfair cases The Financial Supervisory Service, which manages and supervises the financial industry, has been found to be internally hurt when it hurts, such..

Twosome Place following Starbucks…Smart era for coffee shops

There is a speed in the digital innovation competition in the coffee shop industry. Recently, Twosome Place has launched a sm..

`QD TV` in slow expansion… Samsung Electronics in concern

Samsung Electronics, which is aiming for the top spot in the global TV market for 12 consecutive years, is deepening in its attention. It is due to the ?Quantum dot TV? camp that Samsung Electronics is pushing for next..