Group lawsuit for consumer to be introduced… Even ‘management secret’ should be submitted in upon court request

Consumer sector class action lawsuits will be introduced in the future to ensure that small numbers and large numbers of victims can receive immediate relief at low cost. In addition, if the court has a request for data s..

GovernmentㆍGM to have reached `3 main principles` to normalize GM Korea

General Motors and the Korean government, which have raised their plans to shut down the plant at Kunsan, and the Korean government, have virtually agreed on the three principles for the normalization of Korean GM. The..

Samsung to make Qualcomm 5G by 7 nano process… Warm atmosphere again

Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm have agreed to cooperate in the development of a fifth-generation (G) mobile communication chip..

KT to launch wireless VR game first in the world… 5G applied technology to be revealed at MWC

KT is the world`s first fully virtualized virtual reality (VR) game. KT will exhibit `Special Force VR: Universal War`, which..

Medium corporations in challenge for KRW 1 trillion worth clothes dryer market

In the Korean clothes dryer market, not only large companies but also mid-sized home appliances companies are expected to face fierce competition, such as launching new product launches. The domestic clothes dryer market..

From translation to helper robot… IT in boom in Olympic Games, daily life checked

"Is there ATM near here?" Gangneung Olympic Park`s automatic translation and interpretation service desk, on February 21, ca..

Premium hospital • SW corporations to develop ‘local medical AI’ beyond ‘Watson’

The Korean government will invest KRW 28 billion to develop a national medical AI solution that competes with IBM`s cancer-diagnosed artificial intelligence (AI) Watson. The Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry..