KT to have suggested 5 times faster 100Gbps 5G core technology

KT has acquired technology to build a 5G network using existing wired networks. KT has announced that it has developed a `100G..

Minister Yoo Young-min “5G frequency to be launched within next year”… Commercialization first in the world in 2019

Yoo Young-min, the Minister of Science, Technology and Information, has announced that it will supply new frequencies next year for the world`s first 5G commercialization. At the opening ceremony of the `2017 Radio Bro..

Chinese semiconductor device to chase Korea

[Digital Times, Kim Eun] China, which has declared `Semiconductor Rise`, is expected to threaten Korea by rising to second place in the world semiconductor equipment market next year due to large-scale local companies` in..

Korean EV, export to incease 6 times within 3 years `New growth engine` EV

Korean electric vehicles are rapidly growing in recognition of their competitiveness in the global market. Although it is stil..

Cutting edge industry mecca ‘Daegu Technopolis… Based on technology enterpreneurship

Daeugu `Techno Polis zone` in attention Technopolis zone is attracting attention as the core base of technology commerciali..

Watching + experience” interactive contents have increased the learning abilities of 6-year olds.

‘Experimental results show that interactive content, which can be experienced more directly than simple one-way content, stimu..

Hillary Camp Hackers organized an attack on 100 Korean people in the US presidential election.

Russian hackers have hacked around the world, while another Russian hacker organization that hacked Hillary Clinton’s campaign..