The expected result of fierce competition? Sub brand phone could not escape loss

The sub brand phone industry is forecast to record a deficit last year. It is analyzed that the deficit situation is continuing as the intense competition among business operators leads to bleeding. According to the Mi..

Screen and voice recognition, AI era for projector as well

The projector industry will launch a series of projectors using `smart technology` such as artificial intelligence (AI) and voice..

Frequency auction suggestion to be public open…‘5G big match’ entrance with up to KRW 10 trillion

The first auction for the commercialization of the world`s first 5G (G) mobile communication was revealed. It is expected to be t..

Celltrion’s ‘Remsima’, ‘Fierce chase’ in American original drug market

Celltrion`s biosimilars are expanding its market share in the US market. Johnson & Johnson of the United States announced on Apri..

LG to place its revenue base ‘OLED TV’ in front… “Revenue hunting to start”

[Digital Times, Kim Eun] LG Electronics is raising the profitability of its TV business by introducing organic light emitting dio..

US & China in tipping effect for block chain…Korea in ‘crisis’ without strategy

‘The block chain technology, which attracts attention as a `game changer` technology that changes the existing industrial struct..

Embers of re-emerging ‘4th mobile telecommunication…Government “should focus”

The Cable TV Broadcasting Association has expressed interest in the 4th telecom service as it announced its commitment to advance into the 4th mobile telecom business as a new growth engine of cable TV industry last week...