`AI Speaker` Naver & Google battle analysis … Competition in Japan, next month

[Digital Times, Kim Soo-yeon] Naver and Google are expected to compete in the Japanese AI market in October. The competition of AI speakers is expected to fierce competition in the pride of the two companies as it is a pr..

Lim Ji-hoon, Kakao CEO, "We will focus on AI eco system expansion with partner companies"

2nd Anniversary of Kakao CEO-Lim Ji-hoon [Digital Times, Kim Soo-yeon] "We will expand Kakao Artificial Intelligence (AI)..

Security verificationㆍPersonal identification…Simple `graphic verification` to be in trend

`Graphic verification` which matches a picture set by a key to a picture (hole) that a user has previously selected is in the..

Toshiba Memory acquisition target, Final decision under ‘Korea-US-Japan Allience’

TOKYO - Toshiba Corporation has decided to sell its memory semiconductor business to Korea-US-Japan Alliance Consortium, whic..

Twosome Place following Starbucks…Smart era for coffee shops

There is a speed in the digital innovation competition in the coffee shop industry. Recently, Twosome Place has launched a sm..

[Digital Finance Conference] “AI banker to manage clients soon”

2017 Digital Finance Conference The digital finance era has already begun in earnest through the combination of tradition..

OTT market heating… Paid broadcasting companies also to enter ‘new market’

Paid TV operators such as KT Skylife and CJ HelloVision are rushing to OTT (Over The Top) market following the deal. OTT from N..