Cyber security in warning due to hacker attack… " ICT power country to be proven by strong security"

■ Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games There are concerns that cyber emergency may not occur during the contest, as hacking att..

Samsung to mass produce vehicle memory that is able to run even in -40 °

Samsung Electronics has revealed that it has begun mass production of 256GB eUFS (embedded universal flash storage) for automotiv..

[2018 PyeongChang Olympic] "5G Olympic’ start… Meeting with the world

PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games to be open on February 9 [Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games have climbed. The PyeongChang Winter Olympics will be the world`s first ICT Olympic ev..

Writers angry due to lawsuit & publishing suspension… ‘Lezhin case’ to get worse

There has been a growing conflict between Resin Entertainment and Webtoon artists who run paid Webtoon platform Resin Comics. There is growing concern both inside and outside the industry that this situation could have a..

3 major mobile carriers, in decrease one by one…New business sales to have filled decrease

Three of the mobile carriers’ earnings announcements were finalized last year and all three companies reported a sluggish performance in their core business, mobile communications business. KT, which had a lot of investm..

25 % of virus victims to have been insulted by +18 content

"If you misrepresent your sexual curiosity and urge, you will be disgraceful." This lesson has also been applied in the cyber..

Sick portal due to You Tube monopoly & government regulation & reverse discrimination in ‘3 medium and premium’

Naver & Kakao, a Korean operator, faced a crisis as Google You Tube increased its market dominance. In this situation, the National Assembly is in fact introducing legislation to deepen regulatory and anti discrimination..