“Foreign manufacturing cooperation in question”…Difficulties in subsidy separation expected

The announcement of the subsidy by the Korea Communications Commission is likely to walk on the path of the thorn farm until the actual implementation. Samsung Electronics has made a basic stance that it will follow the g..

Galaxy Note 8 pre-order in 650k unit, the highest in history…Koh Dong-jin “Foldable phone to be launched next year

Galaxy Note 8 `Media Day` Samsung Electronics` Galaxy Note 8, which began pre-order sales on September 8, received a reserva..

Hyundai & Kia Motors in trouble in US market, US market profit down…Worse than China

The performance of Hyundai and Kia Motor`s US subsidiaries is getting worse. In terms of sales volume, the situation in the Chinese market, which hit the ‘THAAD retaliation,’ is the worst. However, the US market is i..

Auto vote IT system in boom…Export to be developed in KRW 110 billion within 2 years

It is confirmed that the export of automation devices for election equipment of related enterprises has greatly increased as the Korean government`s ODA, which was conducted for foreign countries, became a prime role. It..

Due to rebate…‘Illegal agency’ with fake name

# .30 company worker A has recently been surfing the internet and was informed about the m-safer service, a mobile phone identi..

‘WITH Innovation’ personal information leakage victims to receive up to KRW 3 million compensation

[Digital Times, Kang Eun-song & Jin Hyun-jin] It has been a situation where the victim had to pay up to KRW 3 million in damages to the victims, as well as important personal information such as resident registration numb..

Bigger black chain market…MS-IBM, competition following Cloud

Microsoft and IBM, both of which are in the cloud services market, are anticipating a battle in the emerging block-chain market. The global blockbuster market is expected to grow to USD 20 billion by the year 2024, wit..