‘NC Soft’ to have become leader… Big 3 competition to heat up

NCSoft, the third-largest player in the Korean game industry until 1H09, has risen to the forefront in the third quarter due to the success of Lineage M, a mobile game. Nexon, Netmarble Games, and NCsoft will likely ch..

Paid broadcasting member to exceed 30 million… KT subsidiaries possess 30.45% share

In the first half of this year, for the first time, more than 30 million subscribers to paid TV services such as general wired broadcasting (SO), satellite broadcasting, and Internet multimedia broadcasting (IPTV) The mar..

Samsung & Qualcomm to commercialize 10 nano server chip for the first time in the world...Server leading to Intel

Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics have succeeded in developing and commercializing server processors using the world`s first 10-nanometer (nm) process technology. As a result, Qualcomm has expanded its mobile chip-based bu..

‘iPhone X’ to enter Korea on November 24… Competition with Galaxy Note 8

Apple`s iPhone 10th anniversary smartphone `iPhone X (Ten)` will be released in Korea on November 24. It is noteworthy how the..

Autonomous vehicle of Google ‘Waymo’ to have arrived the destination without driver

Google succeeded in autonomously driving to its destination without a driver. Waymo, a subsidiary of Google`s parent company al..

ICT technology to carry on ‘ultra connection & ultra intelligence and ultra feeling’ evolution… The fourth industrial revolution to lead

ETRI ` intelligent digitalization` strategy (Top) The fourth industrial revolution is a hot issue. The fourth industrial rev..

Mobile carriers without less revenue, Revenue source to be voice service

The three telecom operators, whose average monthly ARPU per subscriber has continued to decline due to rate cuts and discount programs, are s..