Fair Trade Commission on attack on Samsung management structure reform

Kim Sang-jo, head of the Fair Trade Commission, stated, "There are many methods to reform the Samsung Group`s governance structur..

"10 gigabyte internet for the first time”… Speed competition to heat up again

Speed competition is once again coming to fruition. Technology competition is worsening among telecommunication carriers to preem..

Naver to allocate search engine only on the first page…Focusing on AIㆍvideo competitiveness

How is Naver going to change? [Digital Times, Kim Soo-yon] Naver has overhauled the news service and formally revealed its int..

4th mobile carrier emerging again… “Securing self serviceable frequency to be a core”

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] It is notable that the cable TV industry is expected to announce the fourth mobile communication challenge and launch a competitive fourth mobile operator. The key is the analysis that secure..

While the world invests in Precision Medicine, Korea still stick to big data

A new medical paradigm so called `Precision Medical` is in boom in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Domestic problems such as the protection of personal information are at its best while the developed countries a..

Operating profit of mobile carriers to go down…Further market environment to be ‘cliff’

Operating profit of three mobile carriers decreased in the first quarter. The decrease is due to the adoption of the new accounti..

Unitary regulation in auto-disuse level…Paid broadcasting may be released from "33.33% bolt’

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] The future of cumulative regulation ahead of the June finalization is still uncertain. It has been scheduled to decide the fate in the extraordinary National Assembly in April. However, the N..