“Even Bill Gates in beginner level in Korea”… SW experts’ level reality
Hur Woo Young | yenny@ | 2018-05-24 10:33:57

"What happens when geniuses like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who are highly skilled in SW development participate in public SW development projects in Korea? Even if they have good skills, they can only get wages for elementary technicians and it is a reality. "

"Competent SW development professionals who have been involved in public SW projects for more than 20 years cannot become Project Managers unless they have the required credentials, as PM qualification states that they have specific qualifications." stated the expert.

It has been said that it is necessary to improve SW technician grade standards classified into `high`, `middle` and `high` in advance of surveys of industry wage level for calculating the average wage of SW engineers applied for one year from September of this year. Especially, public opinion on the abolition of the standard of SW technicians is being formed centering on the bulletin boards of the SW industry, related communities, and the Blue House.

According to the Statistical Law, the Ministry of Science, Technology, and the Ministry of Information and Communication and the SW Industry Association conduct a survey on SW technicians` wages, which examines monthly wages of SW technicians for SW companies in the first half of the year. The average wage for SW technicians from here is announced on August 31, and it is utilized from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. According to the SW Industrial Promotion Act, the average wage of a SW engineer means the unit price of a SW technician, and is used as an average wage data for a SW business in the public sector. This year`s wage survey will run for two months from next month to July.

Except for the simple data source, SW technician classification criteria are divided into 8 grades such as elementary, middle, and advanced functional engineers, super engineer, high engineer, high-grade engineer, and engineer. The average daily wage including the base salary, the allowance, the retirement allowance, and the corporation contribution as of last year is KRW 119,932 for beginner skill, KRW 190,790 for beginner, and KRW 43,727 for technician to assess the wage by rating it as having qualification rather than individual SW development ability.

(Information processing, electronic calculator organization application, information security) and industrial articles (information processing, office automation, information security), etc., △ graduate school or higher engineer (information management, computer system application) are expected.

If a person is qualified as an engineer or an industrial engineer, he will be recognized as a beginner engineer. Even if you are working in the field of SW technology for more than 3 years after graduating from a high school or a bachelor`s degree, you can get a status as an entry-level technician. But it is different from the intermediate engineer. You must have an article or an industry article certificate, and you must have a similar career for a certain period of time. Because of this, even if you have accumulated a long career in SW field or have excellent ability, including advanced functional engineers, you cannot qualify as an intermediate engineer, so it is classified as a beginner engineer. Representatives from overseas executives and executives from non-SW candidates who have conducted development projects for more than 20 years and in order to go beyond the level of intermediate technicians, articles or industrial articles that are essential must be available only to college graduates with 4 years of experience, and the content of the exam requires a level of knowledge taught in college courses.

An industry expert said, "The way to classify intermediate technicians with certification is too rigid, and needs to be supplemented with the recent trend." No matter how good SW development ability is, there are no qualifications and it cannot be more than an engineer. "Another official insisted, "The division of wages by qualifications is not compatible with blind, job-centered recruitment.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Information and Communication and the SW Association are committed to introducing the `national incompetence standard (NCS)`, which is a government-level system that organizes the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for carrying out their duties in the industrial field, have. Instead of grades, it has set up `SW technician career management job system` based on duties such as IT consultant, IT project manager, SW architect, and SW engineer, and has been piloting it since last year. An official from the Ministry of Information and Communication said, "We are working on a shift from the technologist classification standard to the NCS job structure in the big frame."

A SW organization specialist said, "There are companies that require grades to verify the skills of non-entrepreneurs and some of them want to abolish it, but it is a principle to go to NCS." However, the question of how to distinguish between the first year and twenty years of experience and we must solve it first."

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