Korean game company succeeding in American market
Kim Soo Yeon | newsnews@ | 2018-05-23 12:19:18

Battleground Mobile . by PUBG

Korean game companies are promoting in the US mobile game market. Seven out of the top 50 mobile game gaming indexes are served by Korean companies.

According to App Annie on May 22, a mobile app analyst firm on Tuesday, Netmarble`s "Iron Throne" ranked # 8 in the "new free" game in the US Google Play on Tuesday. The new free game is a free download game that has been released in the last 60 days. Iron Throne is a game developed by 4 plats a subsidiary of Netmarble.

Battleground Mobile, co-developed by Pupp Co. and China Tencent, ranked 8th in the Google Play game app, on May 19. On the first day of release, it also ranked number one. It is believed to be attributed to the high recognition of the online game `Player Unounnces Battleground` by the original PUBJI CORPORATION. The original game was sold to the US PC game platform `Steam` last March, and 42 million copies were sold, and it is estimated that sales amounted to 1 trillion 3 billion won.

These games have been attracting more attention than Com2us Summoners `War: Perennial Arena` which has been successful in the US market. In June of 2014, the company launched overseas service, and it became popular in the United States of Google play and rank fourth and 5th in sales rank respectively. The game is ranked 23rd in game app sales on local Google Play on the 19th.

"The US game market is characterized by the fact that it does not drop easily once it ranks up," said an industry observer.

Domestic games are attracting attention in the US mobile game market in addition to these games. There are only five games in the top 50 in the app market, which is considered to be a break-even point in the US mobile game market.

Netmarble`s ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" and "Marvel All Star Battle" ranked 21st and 17th in Google Play sales, respectively. Nexon`s US subsidiary, Pixel Berry Studio`s storytelling game `Choice: Story`s You Play` took 26th place in Apple App Store game app sales on the same day.

On the other hand, according to Korea Game Contents Agency `2017 Korea Game White Paper,` the US mobile game market is expected to grow to USD 10.46 billion (KRW 11.4 trillion) this year, to USD 7.46 billion (USD 8.1 billion) in 2016. The United States is the third largest mobile game market in the world, double the size of Korea.

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