‘Kakao Money’ to have been sold within 38 minutes… Heating AI speaker competition

Naver AI speaker `Wave` in the procession of the Kakao AI speaker `Kakao Mini` (photo) has also been added. The competition of..

From development to sales… Security industry in boom

`Jobs that woman cannot survive`. It is an image of Korean IT related profession recognized as 3D. There is a sign of change in..

The National Police Agency’s tiny budget for vaccine program…Allocation amount down for 10 years

Nowadays, the importance of cyber security has increased due to provocations by North Korea, and it is anticipated that the National Police Agency will launch a vaccine construction project with less budget than the Minis..

Mobile carrier subsidy up in concern due to ‘25% fee discount’

Users tend to choose fare discount more than terminal subsidy as the rate of discount is increasing. The mobile carriers are in the process of raising the `subsidy for handsets` as they are inevitably suffering a steady d..

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X’ big match…A factory price point to decide victory

The price of the iPhone, the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone, is the highest ever, and the factory price and timing are li..

Motor Show to meet green environment… Choi Jang-soo to open Frankfurt Motor Show‘

The Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), one of the world`s largest motor shows and the world`s oldest motor show, held for the first ti..

Diesel car position getting weaker … 8%P down in 2 years

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a car that is stigmatized by environmental pollution such as fine dust. As the coun..