Even nuclear weapon super computer to be mobilized…Cryptocurrency mining after big boom

While the rise of Bitcoin and Altcoin, which had soared since last year, has slowed down due to hacking accidents in virtual currency exchanges, including Korea, Japan and Italy, and the related regulations have been stre..

2021 year to be ‘Autonomous driving taxi era’…Korean government to lead regulated sandbox introduction

If someone applies for a smartphone application, unmanned taxis will come and take you to your destination soon. According to..

From Family phone to VR video & Healthcare… Global IT corporations to cooperate for Olympic

There has been a growing interest in advanced IT systems that have been used throughout the PyeongChang Olympic Games. Once a glo..

Package SW market in peace…Korean SW export to exceed USD 8 billion this year

The Korean software industry`s exports are expected to exceed USD 7 billion for the first time last year, and expectations are rising that the USD 8 billion wall will be broken due to the increase in package SW exports th..

KT“ EV by battery”… Two way charging V2R technology test

KT, on February 12, revealed that it will establish a test bed for two-way charging (V2G, Vehicle to Grid) technology in the Bu..

"Let us secure 5G leadership"…Competition for chip set exclusive development

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] Competition among global players to commercialize 5G mobile communications (5G) for the first time in the world is beginning to intensify in 5G communications application processor (AP) marke..

Hyundai Motors to release EV in India next year…Global green car fierce competition expected

Hyundai is expected to launch its first electric car in India next year. Suzuki, India`s leading company, plans to produce electr..