E-Mart to pilot run ‘autonomous driving cart’…Shopping with free hands

E-Mart will pilot two autonomous carts at the Traders Henan store on April 17 and 20th and promote commercialization within the n..

Samsung Electronics to protect No.1 worldwide TV market by ‘ultra -large QLED’

Han Jong-hee, President of Samsung Electronics, said this year that it will continue to lead the world TV market for 13 consecuti..

‘Warning’ sign on 5G commercialization, should we wait by the next year

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] In March of next year, there was a possibility of a change in the government`s plan, which failed t..

2020 eco friendly new car in 8 models to be added?Hyundai & Kia Motors to have 23 models of manufacturing system

Hyundai and Kia Motors have confirmed that they plan to build a production system for 23 kinds of environment-friendly cars in 2020. According to the plan to expand the number of eco-friendly cars in 2025, which was pr..

Naver news to be without a person as of June

Naver is expected to provide 100% auto-edited news using artificial intelligence (AI) from local elections in June. The area that..

Mobile carrier business environment in ‘continuous trouble’…Stronger mobile fee to be down

The commercial environment for mobile carriers, which are facing large-scale investments to commercialize 5G mobile communication..

Decrease in 5G frequency despite its narrowness than overseas… Mobile carrier in concern on 280MHz

The 5G frequency auction is expected to be released a week later, and the government is likely to supply only the 280MHz bandwidt..