‘Core technology’ such as semiconductor device to be led…”Export to be blocked while blocking technology leak”

The Korean government is pushing for ways to ensure that state-of-the-art technology, including display and battery technology, is newly designated by the end of the year, so that it must be approved or approved by the go..

LG U Plus to launch AI speaker, Differentiation is answer to continuous question

LG U Plus will launch an AI speaker early next month. Although it is the slowest of the three mobile carriers and it is planned to differentiate it from its competitors by taking advantage of its strength as a leading pro..

Samsung & Apple ‘High price smartphone’…Followers to increase new product price as well

While Samsung Electronics and Apple have released the best-selling smartphones, latecomers such as Google and Huawei are also r..

Sales to exceed KRW 200 billion & employee to exceed 1000 people…The Zone & Ahn Lab to perform record

"Software (SW) competitiveness" and "cyber security" are considered to be essential elements for successfully completing the 4th industrial revolution in which all industries converge with information and communication te..

Only KRW 4 million penalty on KRW 20 billion damage… Copyright in ‘soft punishment’

[Digital Times, Kim Soo-yeon] Although illegal copying of digital content is taking root, it is pointed out that the punishment regulations are not effective. It is becoming increasingly clear that punitive regulations sh..

Apple continuous no comment despite of iPhone X defects

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] Apple`s 10th anniversary smartphone `iPhone X (TEN)` got caught in the so-called `Green Line Gate..

Agency & franchise and distribution ‘Exclusive belongingness right’ strand…Penalty to be up 2 times

FTC law enforcement system TF interim announcement There will be a way for civic groups and consumers to accuse the prosecutors of the "ghosts" of affiliation, distribution, and agency in the future. The level of impos..