Government to organize ‘Government led TF team’ to block ‘Google’s unfair action’

The government set up a joint response class and set out a plan to improve it in earnest in order to solve the problem of Google Korea, which is in the midst of controversy over `reverse discrimination` due to tax avoidan..

iPhone X to enter Korea soon…Launch date within the beginning of next month

Apple Korea is expected to release the Korean price of iPhone X and interest in domestic launch schedule is increasing. It is expected to be released within the year as domestic sales are expected to be released in early..

No protection on Home IoT hacking… Manufacturing companies to hide problems in possible damage trouble

While the Internet of Things (IoT) era of home objects is opening, the hacking that is aimed at this is surging, and the user i..

Cloud absolute effect `Amazon tyranny`…Sponsor excessive reaction to partners

It is pointed out that Amazon is demanding excessive sponsorship costs for its domestic partners at its hosted event as a weapo..

‘Network usage passing’ shameless Google & Facebook to be responded by the government and national assembly

The government and the National Assembly will jointly respond to Google, which has over 70% of Korean video traffic but does..

Controversy due to exception rule… “KT communication essential facility should be expanded”

[Digital Times, Kang Eun-seong] There is a demand for the expansion of so-called `essential facilities` such as cables and pipelines, which are essential for mobile services such as telephone, high-speed Internet and mobi..

Server self development & production expansion in ‘direct hit’… HPE marketing to be in mass reorganization

Korea Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPG) has revealed that it has begun a major restructuring of its in-house marketing organizat..