O2O in cooperation with Naver “Reservation and PR at once”

[Digital Times, Jin Hyun-jin] Representative Domestic Accommodation O2O (On-line and Offline Linking) company `Yanolja` and O2O c..

A car to be like smartphone…Terms & conditions service to be introduced one by one

"Do not buy a car now.” Subscription service, in which global automakers can ride a new car for a specific period of time..

Global IT corporations to enter security market…Competition method to change

Global IT corporations are anticipating a shift in the security market as the cyber security business competes. Major companies s..

SKT to expand AI organization twice… ‘Nugu’ platform to be applied widely

[Digital Times, Kang Eun-seong] SK Telecom expands the artificial intelligence dedicated organization to twice its current size. SK Telecom is expected to expand its 100-person AI business to 200, according to the mob..

AI TV following speaker… SKB, IPTV service in voice search in 8 conditions

[Digital Times, Kang Eun-seong] Following the speaker, the TV also began to incorporate AI-based speech recognition. It is charac..

Battle Net in security weakness as well…Virus code of IT enterprise solution in ‘emergency’

Global well-known IT companies are experiencing a "security fiasco" by continuing to present serious security vulnerabilities in their products and services. According to the foreign and related industry on January 24,..

Favorable advertising income… “Naver and Kakao to release record-high sales”

Naver and Kakao, the two leading Korean portals, are expected to receive a positive report card in the fourth quarter of last year thanks to the high demand season. Based on this, it is estimated that it achieved the high..