Lack of battery supply from Tesla … LGㆍSamsung to get ‘reflective profit’

LG Chem and Samsung SDI are attracting attention as new foods thanks to the scarcity of Tesla`s rechargeable batteries in the cylindrical form. Tesla`s battery plant Giga Factory, a US electric car maker, has failed to pl..

‘Big 3’ game companies to account for 50% of domestic market share…Sales of last year in KRW 6.5 trillion

It is expected that Big 3 game companies` Korean market share will surpass 50% for the first time last year. According to industry and securities companies on February 1, total sales of Nexon, Net Marble Games and NCso..

SKT to retarget music market with AI platform…Competition among three mobile carriers expected

Three mobile carriers are clashing in the music market with music platform. All three companies are expected to hit the market mo..

KT “5G set up for PyeongChang Olympic Games has been finished”… The first worldwide testing service

KT is now ready for the world`s first 5G pilot service. In line with the opening of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics promotional c..

“AI to block illegal games”…Nexon to apply AI first in the industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now being used to block illegal games. Utilizing AI technology to block illegal gaming is expected to spread for the first time and across the industry, depending on performance...

Law market to speed up in AI introduction… Lawsuit to be implemented without lawyer

AI is introduced to the increasingly fierce legal market with 20,000 lawyers. The Supreme Court is pushing for the introduction of AI in private bankruptcy and electronic lawsuits. The Supreme Court is expected to set..

"We are first in the 5G commercialization”…3 major mobile carriers, busy for partner securing

[Digital Times, Jong Ye-rin] Three mobile carriers are accelerating the expansion of partner companies by releasing proposal requ..