AI voice recognition ‘Nugu’ included upgraded T map to have been launched

#. Mr. Yoo, who started his car first was in rush. He spoke out aloud to the destination `Hapjung Station` in the navigation wi..

“Benjamin, how is stock market today?”…AI to answer for 24 hours

Daishin Securities’ AI-based `ChatBot Benjamin` Investor A recently joined the Mobile Trading System (MTS) to conduct another stock transaction but did not think the ID and password would be active. He tried calling t..

Siemens CSO in Korea “Manufacturing to be in crisis in the case of lack of investment in SW & AI”

"Many German manufacturing companies, including Siemens, are now building software, artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities a..

Finished cars also in furious ‘Voice recognition AI’ competition…Merger may take place under cooperation with ICT industry

The competition with the ICT industry and the competition with the ICT industry are growing as the automobile industry continue..

Battle for second half smartphone … Main point ‘Dual Camera’?

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-yong] In the second half of this year, the smartphone market competition is on track as Apple releases i..

Rear blast of Incheon Airport’s replacement to full time work … Public IT maintenance market in crisis

The Korean government is threatening the existence of a public IT maintenance market worth KRW 1.60 trillion a year due to th..

“Let us wait Chuseok special” August phone number transfer down

[Digital Times, Kang Eun-song] The number of mobile phone market numbers in August dropped by 11.3% from the previous month...