Shinsegae to install self-checkout counters at No brand shops following convenience store and warehouse shop

Shinsegae is now expanding its self-checkout counter as a No brand store, convenience stores, and warehouse-type discount store..

Hyundai & Kia Motors to increase EV production three times in three years

[Digital Times, Kim Yang-hyuk] Hyundai and Kia Motors are expected to increase production of electric vehicles by three times thi..

Final rule of 5G frequency auction to be completed… Last labor pains over ‘total amount limit’

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] The industry is gaining attention in the final 5th generation (5G) frequency allocation auction, which the Korean government plans to unveil in early May. The "total amount limit" is expected..

3 major mobile carriers in deteriorated performance due to contract discount… Universal fare system & 5G investment ‘invisible’

[Digital Times, Jong Ye Lin] Three major mobile carriers reported that their earnings in Q1 were worse than the same period last..

‘Guarantee on communication right vs business right violation’ in dispute… Regulation innovation committee without solution on universal fare system

[Digital Times, Jong Ye-Lin] The universal fare system was delayed from the commencement of the National Commission for Regulatory Reform. There is a strong argument against the idea that the universal rights of the peopl..

Pharmaceutical market in reverse relationship…Weak CSO control over pharmaceutical firms

Recently, the Korean government has been cracking down on sales and sales agency (CSO) activities, which are used as a way to pro..

Let us buy home appliances through O2O… “Buy TV in its half price”

The function of home appliances has become an age when quality of life is crucial. Recently, home appliances have contributed to..