Autonomous car commercialization to speed up thanks to taxi & bus operation

Autonomous driving cars are already running on actual roads from around the world. There are many tasks to solve, such as insuran..

“Data is competitiveness” Global IT corporations to grasp cloud leadership

The world`s cloud market is dominated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft (MS), with latecomers like Google and Alibaba expanding their data centers around the world. Securing the data center is a prerequisite for..

‘Game big3’ furious fight for No. 1… 3 quarter crown to be ‘NC’

[Digital Times, Jin Hyun-jin] NCsoft has been ranked number one in the Korean game industry in the last quarter. Nexon in 1Q and NetMarble Games in 2Q are in the lead in quarterly sales, and the pride of the domestic game..

“SW to be protected by patent law”… ‘Penalty on on-line violation action’ to be stronger

Legislation is being pursued to protect software (SW) under patent law. The government plans to revise the law to define and punish the act of distributing unauthorized software of other users to the digital network such..

Contract sale & inventory investment ‘rock’…3 major mobile carriers in difficulty in the third quarter

[Digital Times, Kang Eun-seong] The 3 quarter earnings of 3 mobile carriers are on a downward trend. Earnings at mobile carrier..

Broadcom to takeover Qualcomm for KRW 111 trillion

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] Broadcom, the world`s fourth-largest semiconductor company, is expected to acquire Qualcomm, which is in third place. If the merger and acquisition takes place, the mobile, network, and autom..

Let us make ‘The second battle ground’… PC game `in boom`

[Digital Times, Kim Soo-yeon] PC game aiming `second battle ground` is expected to appear a lot as PC online game `Battleground..