President Moon “Kim Jong-eun’s commitment on denuclearization strong”…6.12 US-North Korea summit may be resumed
Park Mee Yeong | mypark@ | 2018-05-28 11:00:21

2nd inter-Korean summit

Moon Jae-in, on May 27, said, "Kim Jong-eun reaffirmed his commitment to the successful hosting and denuclearization of the North Korea summit at the second summit meeting with the North Korean Workers` Party Chairman."

North Korea also revealed the results of the inter-Korean summit concurrently with the Korean government on the same day, stating that the US-North Korean summit will be held on June 12. US President Donald Trump also said that "the summit of the US-North Korea summit on June 12 has not changed."

President Moon delivered a press conference at the Chunchugwan office, Cheongwadae on the morning of May 27, and announced the results of the second Panmunjom summit of the North, held on the previous day. At the request of Kim, the talks were held secretly in the North Korean reunification angle. 6 ? 27 after a week of inter-Korean summit talks, the summit between North and South Korea will have opened a `surprise meeting` that was not scheduled. It is said that the first step of regularizing the inter-Korean summit in the Panmunjom Declaration was put forward.

"We shared a frank discussion on North Korea and the inter-Korean relationship," President Moon said at a press conference. "If North Korea decides to fully denuclearize, President Trump will have a firm commitment to ending hostilities and economic cooperation with North Korea. "He said. "Both Kim and Trump hope that the North Korea talks will be successful, so the two sides should emphasize that there is a need for sufficient preliminary talks through practical negotiations on the agenda that the two sides should communicate through direct communication and discuss at the summit. "He said.

Chosun Central News Agency also said, "We expressed our firm commitment to the historical talks, expressing my gratitude to President Moon for his efforts in the summit meeting scheduled for June 12." This is the first time North Korea has released the date of the summit through the press.

Meanwhile, Kim is reported to have asked President Moon to reaffirm his commitment to complete the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and to promise the United States to guarantee North Korea`s regime.

The United States and North Korea are now in talks for June 12 Singapore talks. The two sides are reported to discuss the agenda as well as the venue, security, etc. "I think there`s a lot of favors there," Trump said. Mr. Moon especially pointed to Kim`s willingness to accept the CVID (complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization) demanded by the United States. President Moon said, "The United States will confirm its commitment to the CVID," he said. "If there is not enough confirmation, we will confirm it at the working-level talks."

President Moon also said, "I do not think we can have a summit between the three Koreas," he said. "We hope that if the North Korea summit is successful, we will push forward the declaration of the end of the war through the three-party summit."

The North and South leaders agreed on the immediate implementation of the 4 ? 27 Panmunjom Declaration. For this, North Korea`s high-level inter-Korean talks resumed on June 1, and it was decided to hold one-on-one talks for military officials and Red Cross talks for the reunion of separated families. It is also said that discussions are under way on the prohibition of hostile acts, the promise of mutual aggression, and the transition to the peace treaty of the armistice.

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