Success of failure of US-North Korea to be based on ‘guarantee of North’s regime…No mutual trust
Lee Heo Seong | yos547@ | 2018-05-29 10:34:44

The key to the success or failure of the US-North Korea summit seems to be the issue of North Korea`s political regime security.

Kim Jong-eun, the chairman of the North Korean state secretary, repeatedly conveyed to President Moon Jae - in on concerns about the security of the US system at the second inter - Korean summit on March 26.

However, there is a notable difference between the numbers of Kim and Donald Trump about the system security issue.

Security guarantees for the system should go through complex steps such as concluding a "mutual non-aggression treaty" between the US and North Korea, from the low stage to the end of the negotiation, the signing of a peace treaty, the establishment of diplomatic relations with the US and the embassy.

President Trump told reporters during a US-Korea summit in Washington on May 22 (local time) that North Korea is so called "fully CVID" (a fully verifiable and irreversible denuclearization) and promised to guarantee the security of the system.

Meanwhile, they did not give concrete measures such as concluding a treaty of non-aggression. This is likely due to Mr. Trump`s distrust of North Korea.

There is also concern that North Korea may demand withdrawal or reduction of US troops in response to specific implementation measures if the system security guarantee is issued.

In this case, the S. Korea-US alliance may have a detrimental effect.

Thus, it seems that the United States concentrates on economic rewards that are relatively easy to approach rather than concrete system security measures.

On the other hand, President Kim seems to be unable to provide concrete measures to ensure system security.

President Kim also reaffirmed his willingness to denuclearize at the second inter-Korean summit on March 26, however, he did not mention that he would accept CVID.

If it is said that we will accept CVID without receiving confirmation of the system security issue, we can take the initiative in the US summit.

Negotiations on the working-level talks between North and South Korea are likely to concentrate on securing system security. If the US and North Korea agree on concrete measures to ensure system security, negotiations on the North Korea-US summit as well as the negotiations on the North Korea are expected to take a turn for the better.

Meanwhile, North Korea`s nuclear weapons and other nuclear weapons, including nuclear weapons, are likely to be taken out of the country.

The United States is asking for the export of nuclear weapons and other items out of specific measures by CVID, but it is not easy for North Korea, which has watched the fall of Libya`s Kaddafi regime.

In a recent interview with CNBC, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said that "denying North Korea`s nuclear weapons and taking them to Oak Ridge in Tennessee," referring to the Libyan model, North Korea`s strong opposition.

By Lee Heo Seong yos547@

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