Display facility in ‘Chinese breeze’… KRW 19 trillion worth market in target

Domestic equipment makers are taking a breather in China as facility investment in the Chinese display industry is on the rise. E..

Public organization to lead the middle innovative product purchase

# A Public procurement officer was troubled in purchasing technology development products for SMEs. We tried to purchase innovati..

Car makers to invest backseat… “Open it instead of seating”

`It also protects the seats of leather from wrinkles and gives the airplane first class comfort.` Car makers are pouring money into the backseat. In addition to the `Chauffer Driven Car`, which uses advanced equipment and..

Vice president of LG Electronics, Cho Song-jin, “Let us make trustable and durable LG phone”

LG Electronics has been gearing up to strengthen its after-sales service ahead of the launch of its next-generation smartphone `G..

Different EV demand than local government… “Subsidy allocation elasticity should be paid”

Some municipalities have received subsidies of up to several thousand from the Ministry of Environment as they raise their electr..

“Tracking allowed for US & China in the case of semiconductor micro-process exposure”

The semiconductor industry is growing anxiety that the world`s best domestic semiconductor technology is inevitably leaking out to China and the US as the Ministry of Employment and Labor sticks to the public disclosure o..

“We will develop future oriented ‘Bio’ business”…4 conglomerates in 4 different pespectives

Major Korean companies such as Samsung, SK, LG, and Kolon Group are approaching each other`s biotechnology sector in different ways. According to industry sources on April 10, the Samsung Group is building biotechnolog..