Tax revenue in boom… while household & enterprises in growing loan

Weakness of many of the borrowers household loan are pouring about half of their income into interest repayment, and the percentage of firms whose debt repayment ability is falling has also surged recently. And, concerns..

Woori bank to secure KRW 7.6 trillion through holding company exchange…Big leader to rise in financial M&A

Woori bank is rapidly emerging as a major hand in the merger and acquisition (M & A) market as the bank declared its conversion i..

"120k household in waiting”… Sale in lots market to heat up

The top 10 construction companies are going to sell 126,000 homes by the end of the year. According to companies on May 20, the number of housing units sold by the top 10 construction companies in the second half reach..

Cable TV "2 years extension” required… Last debate as the footing regulation enters its end

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-yeong] Regulation of market share of so called pay-TV market (footing regulation) with the end deadline approaching for a month. The cable industry has again pulled out the embers, claiming to offic..

“Grab euchre”… ‘Jong Yong-jin Sentence’ to enter duty free shops

‘E-Mart is expected to expand its own line of cosmetics `Sentence` to duty free shops. According to the distribution industry..

[Chairman Koo Bon-moo passed away] ‘Perseverant entrepreneur’ to have led corporation sales from KRW 30 trillion to KRW 160 trillion

‘`Perseverant entrepreneur` LG chairman Koo Bon-moo passed away [Digital Times, Kim Eun] He was a business executive, a write..

M.Billy to have completed total 7158km, emergency situation so called ‘elk test’ pass expected

Hyundai Mobis is expected to experience upheavals. Once Hyundai Motor gets a final approval for the mer..