Samsung Foundry 11 Nano process addition…China region to be target

Samsung Electronics is actively working to expand its foundry business by strengthening its semiconductor micro-processing lineup. Samsung Electronics added 11nm (nm) process to its existing foundry process roadmap under..

Naver’s autonomous car ‘Hardware Power’ to be developed

[Digital Times, Kim Soo-yeon] Naver has acquired a `hardware` technology company to expand its autonomous vehicle business. Investments in the software sector continued through mergers and acquisitions and in-house develo..

Worldwide OLED TV shipment volume to be doubled within a year

[Digital Times, Park Seul-gee] Global OLED TV shipments are expected to increase more than one year in the third quarter. OLED TV shipment prices have fallen sharply due to higher prices than liquid crystal displays (LCDs..

Hyundai Motors to build EV factory in India next year

[Digital Times, Kim Yang-hyuk] Hyundai Motors is expected to build an electric vehicle production plant next year as soon as possible in India. The US and China markets have worsened due to THAAD retaliation and protectio..

Shipbuilding & shipping industry restricting in share of work among weak corporations

[Digital Times, Yang Ji-yoon] Restructuring of the shipbuilding and shipping industry has been transformed into a so called `bl..

Celltrion’s Remsima faced 12 problems in FDA manufacturing process

Celltrion has been identified in June as having pointed out 12 problems in the due diligence stage of the US Food and Drug Admi..

Smartphone in cooperation with EV…Samsung Electro-Mechanics & SDI performance expected to be double

Samsung SDI and Samsung Electro-Mechanics, which had not been able to keep up with the sluggish performance until early this ye..