"120k household in waiting”… Sale in lots market to heat up
Park Sang Gil | sweatsk@ | 2018-05-21 09:57:40

The top 10 construction companies are going to sell 126,000 homes by the end of the year.

According to companies on May 20, the number of housing units sold by the top 10 construction companies in the second half reaches 120,6013. 9,177 of these households are generally sold. In the second half of the year, Samsung C & T is on a full-fledged sale basis. Gyeonggi and Busan, 5650 out of 11,447 households will be sold in general in Seoul. The prominent business area is completed in June, when the 1317 houses were sold in the Seocho Woosung primary complex, and 2331 houses of Lamian Town were completed along with the nearby Lamian Estige (Seocho Woosung 3rd) and Lamian Esteji S (Seocho Woosung 2nd). The company will sell 3,831 households out of 6523 out of 6523 households through Busan 2 Zone (July), Geoje 2 Redevelopment (November), and Yeonji 2 Redevelopment (December).

Meanwhile, Hyundai E & C will exhibit complexes with more than 1,000 units sold in the Busan Area 3 (June) and Incheon Songdo (December). The notable complex is the third reconstruction of the Samho Garden, which is sold in July. This complex, built by Hyundai E & C`s premium housing brand Daiichi, is designed with curved exterior design using an atypical exterior.

Meanwhile, Daewoo E & C sells the largest number of houses in construction, 20,553. The company is on a large-scale general sale in Suwon, which is close to 2000 households in November, and it is sold to 1445 households in July and 1602 households in Chuncheon in September. Daelim Industrial will sell 6416 houses in Incheon in December and 1000 households in Pohang (July) and Geoje (August) respectively. POSCO E & C plans to sell 1,775 households in Wonju, Gangwon Province in July, and 1,85 households in Namyangju in September, 2092 in November, and 1,396 in Gwangju. GS E & C sells 1330 households in Gyeonggi High 2 district in December. My house is supplied to 59 ~ 84m2 small and medium sized houses preferred by consumers, and eco-friendly landscape design is applied.

Hyundai Engineering is expected to sell 1078 units in July new town and 1314 units in Busan, Jungjeong-dong. Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do It will show residential complex nearing 1000 households. Lotte E & C seeks out Seoul. There are 1953 households in Cheongryangli in June, 2029 in Gilmoon in November, 1945 in December, and 1588 homes in Haeundae in December. SK E & C will conduct all of its projects in the Seoul New Town area, except for the project that will be conducted in June in Busan Dongraegu as a regional housing association project.

The market variables for the second half of the year are local elections in June, holiday season from July to August, Chuseok in September. Additional interest rate hikes at the end of the year. Since the government banned the sale of a company that does not have a construction business license from this month, construction companies should start marketing their own sales, and construction companies are expected to move quickly in order to digest the quantity ahead of local elections. Real estate experts predicted that the company will have a good sales performance centered on the well-positioned and cost-competitive complexes with many regulations and various variables this year. Cho Hyun-wook, vice president of Daegu Economy Research Institute, mentioned, "Consumers will be attracted to this year as well as last year."

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