“Grab euchre”… ‘Jong Yong-jin Sentence’ to enter duty free shops
Park Min Yeong | ironlung@ | 2018-05-21 09:56:28

Emart Sentence's 'Secret bouquet' line E-Mart

‘E-Mart is expected to expand its own line of cosmetics `Sentence` to duty free shops.

According to the distribution industry on May 20, E-Mart will showcase its first duty-free shop in Shinsegae Duty Free Shop in Gangnam, Seoul and Myeongdong in Seoul from July to August. Sentence is an E-Mart cosmetics brand launched in 2016, and currently has 31 stores. Sales for the January-April period rose 206.1% from the same period last year. The company has recently started recruiting staff to work in cosmetics counseling, sales, customer management and inventory management for duty-free shops.

E-Mart has decided to enter duty-free shops to expand the main customer base of Sentence to foreign tourists. Duty-free shops in the city are effective in promoting their brands overseas, with foreigners accounting for 90% of total sales. The fact that Sentence implies naturalism is also interpreted to have influenced its entry. The brand is mainly based on ingredients certified by the US environmental group EWG. In particular, Chinese tourists, who are a big hand in the domestic cosmetics industry, have a high preference for natural cosmetics. They can help increase sales by shopping at duty-free shops. "The interest and demand for K-Beauty among foreign tourists is high.” said an official from E-Mart. "We plan to advance into overseas markets with the help of Sentence."

Recently, E-Mart has been expanding its presence by exporting overseas. It signed a franchise contract with Saudi Arabian distributor Pawaz Aloha Kai to sell Sentence stores in Riyadh and Jeddah last November. This year, it decided to partner with the distribution company, Spa, to introduce Sentence to the company`s Chinese distribution channel. This month, we also launched a mask pack in cooperation with a mask pack specialist, Zeon Cosmetic. E-Mart is targeting overseas cosmetics markets such as China and Vietnam based on the overseas distribution network of JEI Cosmetics.

In the Shinsegae Group, vice chairman Jung Yong-jin (E-Mart) and general manager Jung Yu-kyung (Shinsegae) are operating cosmetics business. Mr. Jeong has been concentrating on cosmetics business through Sentence and Drugstore `boots`, and Chung Chung, president through Shinsegae International and beauty editing shop `Chicor`.

By Park Min Yeong ironlung@

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