The shock of fare discount pressure big?… SKT’s last year point table in trouble

SK Telecom has received an unfavorable report card last year in the mobile communications (MNO) business due to price cuts such as selective contract discounts. The mobile communications business is expected to continue t..

‘NEXO’ button gear to be applied to Hyundai hydrogen powered cars…609km drive in 1 time charge

The blue license plate SUVs with Hyundai emblems came into the Yeoju rest area in Gyeonggi Province. The back of the parking lot..

The fourth industrial revolution commission leadership to be tested while car pool app in controversy

[Digital Times, Jin Hyun-jin] The 4th Industrial Revolution Committee has been put on the test stand six months after the launch of the carpool application controversy. In the past, the taxi industry and the start-up indu..

Hyundai Motors to release first autonomous ride of hydrogen powered car in 190km distance between Seoul-PyeongChang

Hyundai Motor succeeded in autonomously driving 190 kilometers of highway using hydrogen-fueled electric car for the first time in the world. Hyundai said it plans to use the technology until 2030. Hyundai mentioned that..

IBK to accept ‘self-resignation’ from 140 in wage pick system

IBK is expected to resume its voluntary retirement system, which was abolished by 2015. The bank will expand the recruitment of new employees..

Fierce ‘New car competition’…All car models to be in battle

The new car war for the domestic automobile market to take the initiative earlier this year began i..

While Korean companies focusing on the fourth industrial revolution, only tiny investment in IT infrastructure

Korean companies have raised their voice to strengthen "digital transformation" in the era of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", but they are still stingy in investment in information technology (IT). According to KRG..