Productivity to go down while minimum wage to go up… Recruitment of 10 major corporations to increase 2.3%

The top 10 group companies in Korea have increased by 2.3 percent in the past one year. Despite the improvement in the performance of major group companies, job growth did not increase significantly due to regulations suc..

“Ease the regulation”… But innovation backside of the policy

The government of Moon and the specialists have a big gap in the evaluation of the achievement of `innovation growth` which is the key economic policy of the government. While the Moon government has pointed out that n..

Different stance of the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Gender Equality and Family…Shot down system in trouble again

Korean government departments are facing a setback to overcome regulations to foster the game industry, the core content of the 4th industrial revolution. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism plans to lay the fou..

Spring was in the air… Until North’s cold stance

North Korea is drawing attention to the background of taking out the ultra-hard cards so called "inventory of the US-North Korean..

Now even manufacturing industry… ‘Recruitment shock’ under growth engine

The increase in the number of employed workers has stopped at 100,000 for the third consecutive month because of the increase in the minimum wage in the manufacturing recession. Concerns are mounting that the economy will..

All in for revised supplementary budget even after KRW 11 trillion spent… “We cannot hire under pressure”

The government is criticizing the government for adding additional jobs as the employment shock shows signs of prolonged protests..

HP without power… PCㆍprinterㆍserver business all in trouble

HP is in trouble. PCs are gradually being pushed to China, meanwhile printers are getting more competitive as their sales volume is falling. The server is also struggling with EMC. All major businesses are in crisis. We a..