‘Connected car without ‘cooperation’, lost in competition… Market size 33/1 of US’

The world `s self driving car market, including connected car, is on the verge of winning the market for the future, while Kore..

Gold price ‘in favorable place’ thanks to gold trend…16.5% up comparing to the end of last year

Gold prices and gold fund yields are soaring as expectations for central bank interest rate hikes weaken and the risk of North..

Content export amount in high growth with 8%…Economic growth in `set`

Issue analysis: Crisis content industry. Is it OK? The reason why the Korean government should not ignore the contents industry is that the industry is an axis of our economic growth such as export and job creation. Th..

American USTR CEO “Korea-US FTA may be revised”…Different for Trump’s ‘abolition’ speech

The US Trade Representative (USTR) chief, Donald Trump, said that he wants to "make some changes to the agreement," with the controversy surrounding the possibility of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) being abolish..

Korea Communication Commission to block competition of subsidy despite of ceiling system abolition

Lee Hyo-sung, chairman of the broadcasting and communications commission, met with the CEOs of three mobile carriers and is controversial to urge him to refrain from over-heating marketing even after the termination of th..

Rusty imported Japanese cars…‘Corrosion’ to spread to Toyota & Nissan

New car rust and corrosion problems sparked by Honda Korea spread to Toyota and Nissan, and are spreading throughout Japan. It..

Semiconductor conglomerates in maximum profit…Medium and small FabLess in ‘sluggish situation ‘

Earnings of Top 15 Fabless Companies in 1H In the first half of this year, domestic major FabLess listed semiconductor companies showed their performance worse than last year. Large-sized companies such as Samsung Elec..