“Russia participated North East Asia electricity network business is valid in economic & technique side“

KEPCO stated that its own research and investigation revealed that the "Northeast Asia Super Grid" project, in which Russia parti..

LS Cable & System to build vehicle battery part manufacturing base in special business center of Poland

LS Cable is planning for the fast-growing electric vehicle market, and will set up a production base for automobile battery par..

Performance based system’ reflected on four promotions in semiconductor sector of Samsung Electronics… ‘Stability instead of exception’

Samsung Electronics, which has been postponed since December 2015 due to lack of a total number of employees, has held a one-year and 11-month salary for a boss. One of the great features of this greeting is that it has b..

Credit loan to go up thanks to mortgage loan limitation…A bank loan in ‘Balloon effect’

5 largest banks October household loan growth Housing mortgage growth slowed last month due to the government`s announcement..

Honda Korea to have lied consumers with ‘false recall’ announcement

Honda Korea has sent a letter to the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime to report a recall of a rusty new car. Honda Kore..

Yoon Jong-gyu-CEO of KB Financial Group “Global ICT companies such as Amazon are competitors”

KB Financial Group Chairman Yoon Jong-gyu stated, "In the transition period of the 4th industrial revolution, financial service..

Stock shop tax exemption to be reborn…Innovative business to speed up

The government to build `Innovative eco-system` President Moon Jae-in decided to revive the tax exemption for stock options (stock options) and to increase the income deduction for angel investment (investment in start..