‘LG is leader’ in home appliances for 4 consecutive years…TV leadership to be in battle

[Digital Times, Kim Eun] Samsung Electronics is expected to overtake Samsung Electronics for the fourth consecutive year since LG Electronics outperformed Samsung Electronics in operating margin in 2014. Especially, LGE`s..

Unprecedented tax revenue boom…‘Corporate tax’ without justification

The government is raising public opinion against tax hikes that are being pursued as an extension of tax revenues as the tax revenue forecast for this year is expected to be the highest in the history of the tax boom. It..

Certificate forgery in investigation, imported car to be expanded in full

[The Digital Times, Kim Yang-hyuk] The Korean government is expanding the survey on the certificate and alteration of some impo..

Bank of Korea to increase interest more… “Currency policy relaxing regulation condition to be built”

The Bank of Korea has officially mentioned the possibility of raising the benchmark interest rate, saying conditions are being made to adjust the degree of monetary policy easing. After the central bank froze the October..

Korean handmade beer manufacturing machine to be launched… LG Electronics, LG to launch in CES next year

LG Electronics is expected to showcase its homemade handmade beer at CES 2018 in Las Vegas next January. According to the..

Due to greenhouse gas…Airlines in concern while passenger increased

Korean airlines are expected to exceed their allocated GHG emissions by increasing aircraft input due to an increase in passengers during peak season. The excess is expected to be burdensome as airlines need to purchase t..

Korea-China relationship not to be changed soon…Sluggish EV battery market

The agreement between Korea and China has tightened up the high-altitude missile defense system (SAD) conflict, but the electric car battery market is still cold. However, experts advise that by 2020, the annual sales of..