“B3B target without THAAD retaliation effect”…Logistics to speed up toward China

The Korean logistics industry is accelerating in the rapidly expanding Chinese market. Most of the companies that have entere..

Toshiba acquisition battle in final stage…Korea-US-Japan in renegotiation consortium

The acquisition of Toshiba`s memory semiconductor business is continuing to hark back to the last minute. A consortium between..

UHD TV in golden age… ‘Full HD’ release to surpass market share

In the global TV market, UHD TV market share is expected to surpass full HD TV for the first time in early quarter 3. It is analyzed that UHD TV price decrease and popularization and UHD contents surge have accelerated pr..

Administrative security department “IT service position excluded from full time position”… SW industry in safe zone

Some government agencies have been trying to regularize their information technology (IT) personnel on the same lines as cleaning and security services, and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, which is the..

Korea before Taiwan…No.1 in the second quarter in semiconductor shipping volume

South Korea has surpassed Taiwan in the second quarter after the first quarter of this year, and has been ranked as the world`s..

11km domestic market ‘Inje tunnel’, AI prevented big incident by CCTV

It is noteworthy that CCTV, which applied artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the longest tunnel in the country, has been established for the first time in a long time, as large-scale tunnel accidents occurred and..

Samsung ‘Z-SSD’ production preview…Competition in fierce market leadership

Strategy for securing leadership in the solid-state drive (SSD) market, which is rapidly growing by Samsung Electronics it has..