Department of Trade and Industry to reserve the core judgment on ‘Samsung report’… ‘Conclusion expected before April 19’

The Industrial Technology Protection Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy has discussed on April 16 whether or not the `core technology` is included in the work environment measurement report of the..

The second financial sector to regulate household loan… DSR expansion from the second half of the year

The Korean government is expected to expand household loan regulation, such as DSR, from the second half of the year to the second financial sector, such as savings banks. With the spread of loan regulations to credit car..

From idea house to biometric recognition…’Hong Kong Electronics Fair to attract global clients

Korean small and medium-sized venture companies boasted their technology at the Hong Kong Spring Electronic Expo • Internat..

Subscription system in change … The government to take the house ownership

The Korean government is changing the housing subscription system like the palm of your hand, and is causing market turmoil. When the government announces that it will eliminate the subsidy special supply system for the c..

SamsungㆍSK Hynix to have changed worldwide semiconductor business in past 10 years

Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have changed the topography of the global semiconductor industry in recent decades. Japan`s market share, which accounted for half of the market in the 1990s, dropped to a single digit. ..

US to give pressure on foreign exchange intervention…Export economy in ‘terror of exchange rate

South Korea has avoided designating the US currency manipulation station. However, the US government has begun to take on greater risks, demanding that Korea quickly disclose its foreign exchange market intervention. It i..

D-3 for ‘Samsung report’ publication… Semiconductor business in turning point

There has been a growing sense of crisis in the semiconductor industry. The Ministry of Employment and Labor`s (Samsung) semicond..