Pohang 5.4 Kangjin ... Resuming after suspending sensitive semiconductor equipment

Pohang 5.4 magnitude earthquake The earthquake of 5.4 magnitude in the northwestern part of Pohang city, Gyeongsangbuk-do pr..

"Future Bio key data... Obstructions of blocked regulations"

2017 Bio-Fusion Tech Conference "If we face regulation now in the inflection point of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or if..

Member number to show smooth increase after 5 years …Flat phone to be alive

This year`s subscriber base is expected to decrease. It is the first time since the launch of the phone business in 2012. According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communication a..

Crime blocking ‘Eye sensing technology’ trend… ‘Big Brother’ society to speed up

# 2054 Washington, USA. A state of the art security system, `Pre-crime`, which anticipates crimes and predicts crimes before they occur, predicts the time and place where the crime will occur, predicts who will commit the..

Big corporations to have increased operating profit 60% within 2 years, jobs to have been increased 1.4%

It has not yet led to the expansion of jobs although the performance of major conglomerates continues to be strong this year. It is noteworthy how large corporations, which have been suffering from the recession and some..

Ultra large IB to be launched… Only 1 place to be ‘promissory note’?

Ultra large IB era to be opened The Korean government has selected five major brokerage firms as super large IBs and declared a full-fledged adventure capital era. It is anticipated that the era of investment banking (..

Unmanned convenience store… Vending machine & self payment desk and 360 degree camera on the ceiling

Unattended shops have been created in the distribution industry such as convenience stores and coffee shops. E-Mart 24 was foun..