Reckless management?Recruitment corruption?Lax Financial Supervisory Service

The Board of Audit and Inspection to have found 52 illegal & unfair cases The Financial Supervisory Service, which manages and supervises the financial industry, has been found to be internally hurt when it hurts, such..

`QD TV` in slow expansion… Samsung Electronics in concern

Samsung Electronics, which is aiming for the top spot in the global TV market for 12 consecutive years, is deepening in its attention. It is due to the ?Quantum dot TV? camp that Samsung Electronics is pushing for next..

American ITC antidumping report soon…Korean Solar industry in front of storm

The domestic solar industry is facing "stormy eve". This is because the pros and cons of the US are tightly confronted with trade sanctions against imported solar companies as the US International Trade Commission (ITC) r..

Dai gong filled Youke empty space…Duty Free shop “where are tourists”

Issue analysis, 6 months after Chinese THAAD retaliation…Distribution sector in worst situation - Myeongdong & Dongdaemun wi..

Toward hospital, shooting zone & museum…Subway in ‘limitless change’

The subway station is about to reborn as a one-stop complex cultural space. It is transforming into a family theme space as wel..

Samsung & SK Hynix this year sales to reach KRW 110 trillion…58 % up YoY

The Korean semiconductor industry is expected to record sales of KRW 110 trillion for the first time this year. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have been enjoying preemptive investment since the memory semiconductor m..

[Digital Finance Conference] Strong ‘Finance out’ wind… “National precaution in need”

2017 Digital Finance Conference Digital financing is expanding around the world based on FinTech technology. It is hard to cope with the future financial market as the domestic financial market has been diagnosed by th..