Medium corporations in challenge for KRW 1 trillion worth clothes dryer market

In the Korean clothes dryer market, not only large companies but also mid-sized home appliances companies are expected to face fierce competition, such as launching new product launches. The domestic clothes dryer market..

Japanese TV with OLED to target market boom

Japanese TV makers such as Sony, which once dominated the world TV market, are looking for a brilliant resurgence with organic light emitting diode (OLED) TV. Japan`s Sony, for the first time in the high-priced OLED TV ma..

GM to pull out’-interest rate up-trade pressure… “Relationship enhancement in priority with US”

The Korean economy is confronted with `triple-glazed`, which is the reversal of US interest rates - normal pressure - the withdra..

“Developed countries to have introduced new technology such as AIㆍ robot, Labor productivity down”

Labor productivity of developed countries has declined in the introduction of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and robots. Investments in new digital technologies are expanding, but productivity is de..

Construction period to be shortened thanks to exclusive technology…‘Sliding center’ export to target a vein of gold

"It`s different from when we actually came to the game, and the game is exciting because there is a mixture of shouting and skele..

Continuous failure in product strategy… “GM Korea in crisis”

It is pointed out that the US GM has failed to improve the corporate value of GM, including the timely introduction of new cars t..

US to introduce 53% high customs tax for Korean steel due to ‘security’… Export to US under ‘emergency’

The meaning of section 232 of the Trade Extension Code The US Department of Commerce proposed to President Trump that the stee..