“Advantage of technical skills and premium strategy”… Korea to surpass Chinese TV completely

China followed the display and smartphone market with a 10% share of the TV market in Korea. However, the market share gap again..

Electric use charge in long term exemption card… Government to lead ‘sub-brand reactivation

The Korean government is leading for a long-term exemption of the fee for the use of public telephones. Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Information and Communication Legislation is pushing for..

TK•PK now without even old generation… Core of conservative opposition to be weak

The safe zone of the conservative opposition is disappearing as the local elections approach. Even in the case of Daegu and Gyeon..

China money attack on domestic crypto-currency

The Chinese virtual money capital is entering the Korean market. For investors as the virtual money market in China is blocked and there is a growing expectation that the number of places to trade will increase, but there..

US and North Korea to hint on overall negotiation, End of denuclearization

It is likely that the success or failure of the denuclearization talks will be disrupted by North Korea`s choice as the United St..

Success of failure of US-North Korea to be based on ‘guarantee of North’s regime…No mutual trust

The key to the success or failure of the US-North Korea summit seems to be the issue of North Korea`s political regime security. Kim Jong-eun, the chairman of the North Korean state secretary, repeatedly conveyed to Pr..

A side effect of income led policy?…President Moon “Make sure to check if everything on the course”

President Moon Jae-in, on May 28, stated, "Please check whether the government`s economic policy trends such as job creation and..