Korea fell in love with Youtube… Minimum video watching time at least 7 minutes
Kim Soo Yeon | newsnews@ | 2018-05-16 11:05:46

Google YouTube has become one of the most popular apps on the Internet in Korea. Especially, in the teens, YouTube usage time was longer than the sum of KakaoTalk, Naver, and Facebook.

The crisis of domestic Internet companies is rising as the dominance of Google`s YouTube in the Korean Internet market has increased. It is pointed out that the status of `Internet Independent State` may fall due to the expansion of influence of YouTube while domestic Internet companies are tied up due to various regulations and internet reverse discrimination problem.

The app analysis company Wise App, on May 15, analyzed the usage usage of Android smartphone users in Korea in April, and the total usage time of YouTube was the longest using 25.8 billion minutes. This is a high figure of 7 billion won compared to 18.9 billion won for KakaoTalk, which ranks second. It was more than twice as long as the 12.6 billionth of Naver`s third place. By age, teenagers, 20s, 30s, and 40s had the longest time on YouTube. In the 50s, however, KakaoTalk won the first place by leading YouTube with a margin of error.

Especially, teenagers used YouTube longer than the combined use time of their main apps, including KakaoTalk, Naver, and Facebook. The usage time of 10 YouTube users was 7.6 billion minutes, which is 1.4 billion times longer than the 6.2 billion combined time spent on the apps from the second to sixth place. Second place KakaoTalk was only 2.4 billion minutes.

Besides, the monthly monthly number of users (MAUs) of the YouTube app last month was 29.24 million, using 882 minutes per person per month and 126 times a month. Running YouTube one time means that you watch the video for seven minutes.

Meanwhile, YouTube usage time has been steadily increasing over the past two years, and it has been the longest used app in Korea since August 2017. In fact, in March of 2016, YouTube usage time was 7.9 billion minutes, which was much lower than 18.9 billion minutes of KakaoTalk and 9.9 billion minutes of Naver.

The industry is concerned that the domestic internet market can be quickly dominated by YouTube among them. It is a sense of crisis that the status of a few Internet-independent countries in the world that have not been dominated by US Internet companies may shake. Especially, Naver and Kakao, which are in the domestic Internet market, are tense. The fact that 10 ~ 20s, the main consumers of internet, are focusing on YouTube, which is a video center, is a big burden. We are strengthening our videos, but we have not achieved any results.

The discrimination against the government is strengthened by strengthening regulations on portals and strengthening regulations on domestic Internet against this backdrop. There is a growing voice that the Internet ecosystem in Korea can collapse.

"It is soon getting ahead of expectations as soon as YouTube takes control of the domestic Internet market," said Cha Jae-pil, director of policy at the Korea Internet Business Association. "As users move from YouTube to YouTube, The speed of exit is getting faster. As the Internet has been re-centered around the recent video contents, users are getting more and more into YouTube," he said.

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