Paid broadcasting to target KRW 38 trillion worth ‘Kids content’
Kim Ji Yeong | kjy@ | 2018-05-15 10:36:33

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-yeong] Pay-TV industry is clashing in kids content market. The market size of the kids industry, including kids` content, has doubled in the last 10 years and there is a lot of activity in this market.

According to the KT Economic Research Institute on May 14, the market size of the domestic kids industry, including baby products and contents, grew from KRW 8 trillion in 2002 to KRW 27 trillion in 2012 and KRW 38 trillion in 2015. The growth of `Gold Kids` (due to low birth rate) and the increase in demand for caring services due to the nuclear family and the increase of couple working couple are leading the market growth. In the case of children`s households, 10% of households in Korea are willing to pay for children`s content. So, for the sake of the children, there is an increasing trend in the industry that seeks out the generations of parents who do not spare money and secures loyal future customers.

Meanwhile, KT has launched Kids` Land in earnest, and KT Skylife released a new country TV that is produced by Hansol Education, a young and early childhood education company, this month. The magical Nara TV is a special education channel for infants and young children who have developed child care trends for three years after analyzing the child care trends of the infant education and contents production experts and Hansol Education and Cable TV VOD.

CJ Hello, from May, has been providing special content services such as Disney brand house, Pink Pong TV, and Carrie TV. SK Broadband launched Kids Zone in 2015, the first TV for kids in Korea. Earlier this month, the Kids Zone was reorganized and expanded to include content from play to learning. We developed a player dedicated to kids considering the viewing habits of kids.

LG U+ also worked with YouTube to launch children`s country and saw the effect. IPTV subscribers went up by more than 15% each quarter from the third quarter of last year to the first quarter of this year.

Kids` services are also diversified. CJ E & M presented `TVing Kids` to watch digital contents of popular kids creators and TV and theater animations. TVing Kids has simplified the menu for easy use by children ages 2 to 13.

Recently, attempts have been made to incorporate new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) into kids` contents. Earlier this month, KT added a large number of children`s contents such as sound storytelling and audio books to AI speaker `Giga Gini`. This month, we will show AR contents on the theme of popular animation `Dinosaur Me Card`. SK Telecom has installed the AI platform `Who` on a mini phone for children.

An industry expert pointed out, "The children`s market is expected to explode with the social structural phenomenon such as the nuclear family and the increase of one child generation, education contents and ICT technology. In particular, it is a remarkable market with a high possibility. "

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