Pungyeri to open to S. Korea too… Moon’s arbitration in bigger expectation
Park Mee Yeong | mypark@ | 2018-05-24 10:31:14

Pungyeri Nuclear Experimental Station. A South Korean joint group is boarding a government transport plane from Seoul Airport to Wonan, North Gangwon Province on the afternoon of May 23. Photo Collective

North Korea has received a list of our joint members for the coverage of the dismantling of the Pungyeri nuclear test site on May 23. It is only 8 days since S. Korea sent the request for coverage. Except for our reporters, foreign press reporters moved to Wonsan on May 22.

The Ministry of Unification stated, "We visited the dismantling site of the Pungyeri nuclear test site in North Korea today, during the call of the Panmunjeom office, and informed the North of the list of eight reporters from our two media reporters.

As the North received a list of South Korean reporters, South Korean joint reporters joined the US, UK, China and Russia reporters who have already moved to Wonsan from the Sungnam Airport to the Wonsan at 12:30 pm. At first, the South Korean joint protest group waited for the visit to North Korea from Beijing on May 21. However, the North refused to accept the list until May 22, the dismantling of the Pungyeri nuclear test facility is expected to take place on May 24, depending on the weather conditions.

North Korea`s decision was made shortly after the US-China summit, and an analysis of North Korea`s positive reaction to the role of President Moon Jae-in`s inter-Korean intervention appears. The Korean government hopes to join the South Korean joint investigation team and take the first steps towards denuclearization if the dismantling of the Punggyul nuclear test site is pursued as promised.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump urged North Korea to make a decision on a so called "conciliatory - concurrent" approach at a summit meeting on March 22 (local time). This approach is interpreted to consist of North Korea`s desired system guarantee and rapid economic compensation while maintaining the existing `CVID` (complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization). President Trump has made a compromise and sent an ultimatum to the North.

The spokesman of the Unification Ministry, Baek Tae-hyun, stated, "The government welcomes the participation of our joint reporters in the dismantling of the Punggyul nuclear test site. I hope to be realized soon ". Cheong Wa Dae said, "I am late but I am glad."

By Park Mee Yeong mypark@

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