Korean economy in ‘semiconductor illusion’… De-growth in 5 years except Samsung & SK

It has been reported that the semiconductor economy is becoming more and more intense. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix (semiconductors) have accounted for half of total operating profit last year. The Korea Economic R..

US to pose tariff again right after exemption on steel tariff

The US has been complaining about its domestic steel industry by making another anti - dumping judgment on Korean steel products the day right after the United States revealed Korea as a 232 - tariff waiver nation through..

Private organization to be in charge of entry policy on government monopolized financial firms

The Financial Services Commission stated that it would launch a third Internet bank following Kakao Bank and K-Bank. The Korean..

President Yoon Seok-gum to seek recovery by home appliance rental business… “We will re-takeover Coway”

[Digital Times, Kim Eun] Yoon Seok-gum, chairman of Woongjin, who is called "white-collar myth", is seeking recovery in Korean ho..

Financial Supervisory Service to temporary judge on accounting fraud charge on Samsung Bio… Concerns to rise over stock market

The financial authorities have temporarily judged that there is suspicion of accounting fraud as a result of the special supervision of Samsung Bio Logics for a year. The final result has not been released. However, it is..

Fair Trade Commission to designate Lee Jae-yong, head of Samsung and Shin Dong-bin, head of Lotte Group

The legal group of Samsung and Lotte Group have been changed to Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman of Lee Jae-yong from Lee Kun-hee and Shin Dong-bin, as the chairman of Lotte group. The pressure from the competition authorities..

Moon Jae-in in lead and Xi Jinping, Abe to follow

President Moon Jae-in`s so called `driver theory` has become more resilient after the inter-Korean summit. US President Donald Tr..