Spring was in the air… Until North’s cold stance
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It is unclear whether North Korea will announce the indefinite postponement of high-level talks between South and North Korea on the grounds of South Korea's military exercises on May 16 to hold a family reunion event. On the same day, the employees are busy working at the Sangbong Civil Service Office, a family of separated Korean Red Cross. by Park Dong Uk fufus@

North Korea is drawing attention to the background of taking out the ultra-hard cards so called "inventory of the US-North Korean summit" and "suspension of the high-level talks between the North and South" on May 16. North Korea, prior to the denuclearization talks, has taken an active stance, including the closure and disclosure of the nuclear test site and the release of North Korean internees. However, the North`s attitude has changed due to the dissatisfaction that the demands of the United States are increasing day by day. There is also a possibility that there is a typical "cliff-edge tactic" to increase bargaining power in the actual demonstration, or a conflict may have arisen during the process of coordinating the denuclearization of the US and North Korea.

◇ Denuclearization `Hurdle` boosted US ... Bolton was the catalyst for the US-North Korea summit on May 9 until the time of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to North Korea.

However, Bolton`s national security adviser`s comments seem to have been a catalyst for changes in North Korean attitudes. Bolton recalled PVID (permanent, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization) on May 13, and said it would "abandon nuclear weapons" with the Tennessee Oak Ridge Research Complex in the US, abandon nuclear material reprocessing capability, eliminate WMD and it was a requirement of America. Besides, the Trump administration came to demand the "Zen Buddhism" on the decision to abandon North Korea`s nuclear test on May 14.

Kim stated, "Bolton and other senior US officials are giving way to the" abandonment of nuclear weapons, after compensation, "which is a way of giving up Libya, a complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization It is not trying to solve the problem through dialogue. However, it is about trying to force the fate of Libya and Iraq into our dignified state, Expression."

It is also an analysis that the US may have been anxious about the silence on the key issue of system guarantee such as the US-North Korea diplomatic relations. It seems that he is concerned that he could be in the same position as Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi, who is being dragged by the demands of the United States.

◇ Rapid Recovery of North-South Relations Factor = It seems that China has played a role as a strong backdoor player in North Korea. Recently, North Korea and China have held in-depth discussions on economic cooperation through two summits and high-level meetings. The Yomiuri Shimbun reported recently, "North Korea actively called for economic aid to China, and the commentator is considering it.”

There are also observations that North Korea has withdrawn its high-level talks on inter-Korean talks on the issue of Max Thunder training. The reduction of the Korea-US joint training is in the same context as China`s demand for a "double suspension" (simultaneous suspension of Korea-US military exercises and nuclear-missile tests). It is highly probable that Chairman Kim made a statement on May 7 asking the United States to bring it to the Dalian meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It is said that Kim has taken the initiative and stopped the high - level talks by using the "tongue - wrestling" tactic that seems to be aimed at the Korean government and pressing the United States. In the future, North Korea may reduce the training of the Korea and the US in the denuclearization talks with the United States.

Meanwhile, North Korea`s internal hardship is likely to be a result of internal complaints about Kim`s customized response to the United States. If Kim Jong-un acquiesces to massive Korea military exercises, the North Korean military can accept them as "succumbing." It is pointed out that the final consumer of the message of Chosun Central Communications that "there is a degree of good faith and there is a limit to give opportunities.”

CNN quoted a specialist as saying, "The cancellation of the high-level talks could be a signal of internal political pressure on Kim. The military officer is concerned that Kim Jong-un might overturn decades of political tenacity in dealing with the United States. Kim Jong-un sends a signal to the people."

By Park Mee Yeong mypark@

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