Global IT corporations getting ready to protect environment by reusable technology

Electronic waste is becoming a gold ring and plastic waste that drifts in the sea is transforming into notebook paper as one of t..

“Leading Indian air conditioner market ”… Fierce chilly battle between Korea and Japan

[Digital Times, Kim Eun] There is a heating battle between Korean and Japanese appliances to take up the rapidly growing Indian a..

[1st anniversary of Moon government] Growth without recruitment’ encouraged by multiple regulation

1st anniversary of Moon government, industry • recruitment • investment lagging behind President Moon Jae-in, who..

‘Hyundai & Kia Motors to show off ‘fuel-efficiency’, global sales to recover

Hyundai and Kia Motors are rapidly increasing sales in emerging countries such as India and Russia. Meanwhile, sales in Europe an..

Now China after re-challenging Taiwan… Fierce competition expected in semiconductor market

Taiwanese Foxcon (Hong Hwa Precision Industrial) group, well known for its Apple iPhone manufacturer, is now getting ready to ent..

Samsung Securities Co., Ltd to proceed with prosecution for ghost stock selling employee

Samsung Securities is expected to sell criminal stocks due to dividend accusations and criminalize employee who has problematic moral hazard. Koo Song-hoon and all executives decided to purchase treasury stocks to enhance..

1 year since settlement of damning revealed… Financial Innovation still without basic plan

Financial performance and tasks of the Moon Jae-in Government President Moon Jae-in has predicted strong financial reforms ove..