“Ease the regulation”… But innovation backside of the policy
Kwon Dae Gyung | kwon213@ | 2018-05-18 10:57:35

The government of Moon and the specialists have a big gap in the evaluation of the achievement of `innovation growth` which is the key economic policy of the government.

While the Moon government has pointed out that new corporations and new venture investments have reached a record high, experts have yet to find a shift in the industrial paradigm. In fact, President Moon also asked it to speed up "competitors are running and we are lagging behind."

President Moon stated, "The government shall preside over the 2018 Korea Innovation Growth Report Conference at the R & D Center in Gangseo-gu, Seoul. Especially, statement the President with regard to regulatory innovation "comprehensive negative regulation and regulatory sandbox introducing different earnestly the government and the ruling party on the law revision" and "amendment before any topic is acceptable over the interpretation of the rules and guidelines differ loose boldly," he I asked. Furthermore, "Companies believe in the government and request them to be more active in technology development and investment."

Following Kim Dong-yeon, Deputy Prime Minister in advanced presentation cum Minister of Strategy and Finance △ new entity 98,000 all-time high △ new ventures KRW 2.4 trillion maximums achieved △ Tesla requirements listed No. 1 13 companies △ electric • more than Hydrogen cars need twice a year As a concrete achievement of innovation growth. In particular, Kim, Deputy Prime Minister, "will create future cars and drones, including 8 core leading jobs 300,000 over the business until 2022," it said "the government second connection intelligence, smart farm, pin-tech, energy new industry, Smart City, drone, future I will strengthen the automobile business investment support. "

Private economic experts have voiced that the government should be more committed to institutionalization of the industry that will drive innovation growth despite of the government`s positive evaluation.

Jang Seok-in, a research fellow at the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, pointed out "In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, technological innovation and proliferation are not confined to specific individuals. It is needed to shift from pre-existing and bold. Those who ordered policy linkage and regulatory exemption legislation were also significant.”

Lee Jae-ho, Hyundai Economic Research Institute researcher suggested that "busy establishing a differentiated policy whenever this regime change parts required not to dispose of the existing policy must have the attitude that maintained a continuity & diversity of the active engagement and inherited policy."

Meanwhile, Kim Eun-gyung, Senior Research Fellow has said, "It must be switched regulatory paradigm of the manufacturing era regulatory paradigm in the Digital Age" game and should be able to be unpredictable innovations are pushing to enact regulations Special Act for the fourth round of industrial revolution, the development.”

The Korean government`s backward policy, which fails to keep up with the pace of industrial development, points out that the innovation growth policy may also be stranded in the implementation process.

On the other hand, the presidential contest was attended by President Moon, Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon and Deputy Prime Minister Kim, along with other members of the ruling party including Democratic Party leader and Hong Young-pyo. Park Yong-man, chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ahn Joon - Joon, president of Venture Business Association, and representatives of outstanding companies by leading businesses in the business world, listened to the government`s achievements and plans, and discussed opinions through group discussions.

By Kwon Dae Gyung kwon213@

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