Division effect of Industry Ministry ? Samsung Electronics to target “No.2 in semiconductor foundry”

Samsung Electronics is now targeting sales of more than USD 10 billion (about KRW 10.7 trillion) this year and second place in the industry in its foundry business, however, if capacity expansion and micro-process introdu..

Labor transfer to have been rejected in shareholder general meeting, Financial labor union ready to restart

It seems that the controversy will arise as the labor union in the financial sector resigns from the financial holding shareholders` After KB Financial Group union`s recommendation of workers` directors was rejected by ma..

Problems in transport, safety and environment… ‘3rd crisis for ‘Shinsegae logistics center’

The construction of the Henan online center, which the Shinsegae Group has been pursuing ambitiously, is a prime example. Local residents are strongly opposed to building online centers because of traffic congestion, safe..

Ants to have bought 1.46 million stocks of Samsung Electronics… ‘Stock shopping’ to be continued

Samsung Electronics suspended trading for 4 days from today Individual investors, who expected to see a split in Samsung Electronics` face value, bought Samsung Electronics shares by the end of the trading day. Since t..

“North Korea to close its north nuclear test site in May…Journalists invited”

Post South-North Korea summit Kim Jong - un, North Korea`s secretary of state, closes the North`s nuclear test site in May and releases it to Korean and American experts and the press. US President Donald Trump stated..

Big negotiation achieved…But, details of termination of war & peace agreement needed

Post-inter-Korean summit President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un pointed out that the successor to North Korea`s successor is..

Lotte Mart to sell 21 shops in Beijing… Business reduction in China since entering Chinese market 11 years ago

Lotte Mart is expected to sell 21 large supermarket and supermarket stores in Beijing to local distributor Umat. Lotte Mart is al..