TK•PK now without even old generation… Core of conservative opposition to be weak
Kim Mi Kyung | the13ook@ | 2018-05-30 10:04:05

The difference between candidates for the presidential nomination in Daegu mayoral election, which is the last day of the conservative, is narrowed to 10 percentage points. Candidates from the Daegu mayor are taking a pose after registering candidates on the election committee of the Chungri-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu City on the morning of May 24. Photo by Yunhap news

The safe zone of the conservative opposition is disappearing as the local elections approach. Even in the case of Daegu and Gyeongbuk, typical conservative gardens, the support base of opposition parties such as the Liberal Democratic Party (KCTU) is shaking. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is promoting not only Busan and Gyeongnam (PK) but also TK, raising the likelihood of winning a local election.

The phenomenon of "strong Democratic Party and weakness in South Korea" is becoming more prominent nationwide after the 4 • 27 summit. In spite of external factors such as the US-North Korea Summit after analyzing recent polls, which has repeatedly reversed, the Democratic Party has been steadily rising in the party approval rating survey.

The results of the weekly survey of the 4th weekly survey of Realmeter (CBS, May 21 ~ 23 ~ 25, 2005, on May 29, refer to the homepage of the Central Election Public Opinion Review Committee) It was 1.5 percent higher than the 3-point survey. In particular, the Democratic Party of Korea (TK) won 46.0% of the vote, winning 29.1 percent for three consecutive weeks. The gap widened out of the error range (± 7.2 percentage points). Democrats (41.2 percent) were more than 10 percentage points behind the Korean party (29.4 percent), even in the 60s or more when the conservative party was solidly supported.

The Korean government is losing ground. The percentage of conservative respondents also dropped 11.1 percentage points from 55.9 percent in the third week to 44.8 percent in the fourth. The support rate of conservatism, which was a concrete support layer, dropped below 50%. The analysis shows that the "downfall of the conservative" that the opposition party was worried about is appearing as a numerical value.

Meanwhile, unlike the approval rate of the party, the Korean government is ahead in the opinion polls of Daegu and Kyungbuk metropolitan government heads. Koryeo Kwon, the candidate for the KPA, was the No. 1 candidate in the Daegu Market Survey (Daegu CBS • Yeongnam Daily, May 20 ~ 21, surveyed on the website of the Central Election Commission) The Democratic candidate for rent Yoon was 33.9%. In the survey conducted by the Korea Research Center on May 22 (MBC survey, May 19-21, refer to the website of the Central Election Commission), 31.4 percent of the candidates were candidates for the presidential election and 23.2 percent were candidates for the presidential candidate. Lee Chul-woo (36.5%) and Democratic Party candidate (27.6%) were in the poll of the Gyeongbuk branch of the National Police Agency (surveyed by Realmeter, Daegu CBS and Yeongnam Daily, May 21-22. Although all of the candidates in the poll are ahead of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party is evaluating it as an unexpected propaganda. The gap is all within 10 percentage points, and the election campaign starts on the 31st of the month. The Democratic Party`s representative, who visited the Daegu and Gyeongbuk provinces on February 22, is also supporting the election.

On the other hand, the Korean government is now caught in a sense of crisis that neither Daegu nor Gyeongbuk is safe. A key Korean official said, "Daegu and Gyeongbuk provinces are not easy," he said. "We need to strengthen our support for the election, including local lawmakers." Experts say that 10 to 15 percent of conservative proponents except the right wing have already left their minds. Lee Jun-han, a professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Incheon University, stated, "In the past, progress and conservatism have been strengthened and weakened repeatedly. If you do not, it will be difficult to avoid the classics in the election for a while. "

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