Large IT business worth a hundred of billion in line…Smooth growth for public market
Hur Woo Young | yenny@ | 2018-04-23 10:55:33

Large-scale IT projects are experiencing serious famine in recent years due to the economic downturn and large-scale projects worth KRW 100 billion to 400 billion will be pursued. Especially, e-government systems built in the early 2000s and early 2000s are getting old and the construction of the next generation system is getting worse.

According to related organizations and industry on April 22, the Post Office, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and the Supreme Court are in the process of preliminary feasibility study for the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in order to promote the extra large IT project from KRW 100 billion won to 400 billion.

Information technology projects with a total budget of over KRW 50 billion and a financial support of more than KRW 30 billion should be compulsory in advance.

Especially, these businesses are large, and the latest technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data are likely to be allowed to participate in large companies, so Samsung SDS, LG CNS and SK C & C.

Currently there are 5 projects worth over KRW 100 billion in the stage of drafting. The largest project is the `Cloud • Big Data-based Postal Comprehensive Financial System` project by the Postal Service headquarters with an estimated project cost of KRW 439 billion. The Postal Service Headquarters will promote the construction of the next generation system by fully utilizing the latest technologies such as AI to upgrade the competitiveness of post office financial services. Through this, it plans to convert post office finance business, which was centered on windows, into mobile. If the outcome of the survey is positive, and an information strategy plan (ISP) is set up within the year, it is likely to start construction of the system by selecting a provider to build the project next year.

The next generation local tax information system project of KRW 376.1 billion, which is promoted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, is also under construction. The results of the survey are coming out in July, but considering the fact that the existing system is aged and there are many work inconveniences, the project is likely to be promoted. The Ministry of Planning and Planning is planning to hurry up as early as possible to build the company by 2021,

The Supreme Court will simultaneously implement the next generation electronic lawsuit system of 305.4 billion won and the project of establishing the future registration system of 143.8 billion won. The goal of the Supreme Court is to use IT technology to completely change the way electronic claims and registration work. The dual registration system will be selected for the next five years. The electronic lawsuit system is planned to be built from 2020 to 2023.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will select a next generation intelligent transportation system (ITS) company that will implement 220 billion won next-generation intelligent transportation system (ITS) to implement the future road suitable for autonomous driving age by applying cutting-edge technology such as Internet (IoT) to the national highway. The project is being planned for the next five years from 2023 to next year.

Besides, the Ministry of Planning and Planning is planning an aging administrative information system, a municipal administrative information system, and a local financial management system.

An IT industry expert said, "The mega-scale projects are so ripe that there is a great expectation of the industry without IT services and software." Companies have already set up a dedicated team for the project and started preparations for a specific order. " . A government official said, "The projects currently being implemented are inevitable because the system is getting old and reconstruction is inevitable. The ministries are rushing to start the project due to the urgency in the second half of this year.”

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