Nexon “AI to be applied to all games”… Market leadership to be secured while increasing convenience
Kim Soo Yeon | newsnews@ | 2018-04-25 10:06:42

Nexon focuses on securing AI competitiveness to secure future competitiveness. AI technology will be applied to all games that Nexon serves to increase user convenience and continue to lead the game market.

Nexon held `Nexon Developer Conference (NDC) 2018`, the largest game developer conference in Korea, at the Gyeonggi Creation & Innovation Center in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, and disclosed the current status and direction of AI technology development. The company is strategically investing in AI as a new technology that will lead the next-generation game market.

Meanwhile, Owen Mahoney Nexon, CEO of Owen Nexon, said, "The power to move the game industry forward is `innovation`." In order to achieve innovation, it is necessary to take risks such as failures and negative attitudes of industry colleagues.

Mr. Mahoney emphasized AI technology development with Nexon`s efforts for innovation. "In the game industry, there are not many attempts to apply AI technology to online games, and we are experimenting with them to apply these technologies to games.”

Key Dante, Vice President of Nexon Korea, who oversees Intelligence Labs, an AI research and development organization, said in Keynote, "The factors that affect the enjoyment of the game are found by AI, AI research and development direction. We will focus on creating results that will have a decisive impact on the game`s fun, rather than being burdened by the trend and buried in the technology itself or showing off its technological edge."

Also, Nexon unveiled the AI system currently under development at the event: △ channel selection machine learning △ game design error detection system △ dynamic feedback system. Channel Selection Machine learning is a system that enables users to login to the game with a channel (server) that allows the user to have an interesting experience considering the type of game used by each user. The game design error detection system finds errors in game design, such as setting up quests. The dynamic feedback system plays a role to motivate the user to improve his / her ability by providing appropriate feedback. Nexon plans to apply the AI system to all the games it serves.

Another researcher, Cho Yong-rae, at Nexon Intelligence Labs, introduced a profanity detection technology using deep learning. Applying `natural language processing` technology, Nexon applies it to games that are currently under development, including Wild Land: Durango.

On the other hand, NDC, which has been held for the 12th time by Nexon, is an event sharing game trends with the latest technology and overseas game market for game developers. A total of 106 sessions were held this year from 24th to 26th. More than 20,000 developers are looking for this event every year.

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