Decrease in 5G frequency despite its narrowness than overseas… Mobile carrier in concern on 280MHz

The 5G frequency auction is expected to be released a week later, and the government is likely to supply only the 280MHz bandwidt..

UHD TV to have fallen 70% within 5 years…Popularization era to start

The price of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV, which is emerging as a global TV market, has fallen by 70% in the last five years. H..

KT to open essential facility… initial development of 5G to speed up

The Korean government is expected to open up the necessary facilities of KT for early commercialization of 5G mobile communication (5G) and joint use. The government is planned to open up the necessary facilities such as..

Although innovative growth & job creation claimed…`IT serviceㆍSW company` in slow recruitment process

The temperature at which companies feel at home is still cold while the software industry has been attracting attention as a "groomer" in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Although government and corporations a..

Sub brand phone-Mobile carrier network in dispute due to wholesale price

The Korean government is anticipating a sharp conflict between the mobile phone industry and the mobile telecommunication industry, which has been providing the network and mobile phone industry in the year ahead of last..

SKT to apologize for telecom error… "Fare cut for 7.3 million people for two days”

Park Jung-ho, the president of SK Telecom, has apologized for the phone trouble that occurred on June 6. The company decided to c..

Did they realize reverse discrimination… Youtube to be in for ‘fake news blockage’

Google YouTube has recently been blocking so called ‘fake news’ that is causing social controversy. It has now decided to pa..