South and North to open a door of peace beyond division
Park Mee Yeong | mypark@ | 2018-04-27 11:18:39

President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-eun take the first step to move to a peace regime at the Panmunjeom on April 27, the symbol of the division, by marking a cease-fire in the Korean peninsula.

The `2018 Inter-Korean Summit` is the gateway to the declaration of the end of the war and the establishment of a peace regime. It is also the prime target for the success of the summit. The key is denuclearization. The fate of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia will differ depending on what happens to President Moon and Kim Jong-eun in the first denuclearization talks.

South and North Korea will meet on the first MDL at 9:30 am on the same day. President Kim`s historic moments beyond MDL are broadcast live all over the world. The summit will have a new chapter in history in terms of form and content. It is the first time that Kim is stepping on the land of the South for the first time among the best leaders of North Korea. An agreement on denuclearization has been reached, and the Panmunjom Declaration (or `4 • 27 Joint Declaration`) can contain an explicit statement on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

President Moon and Kim Jong-eun will hold two summit meetings on the same day. After the summit at 10:30 pm, the two Koreas will hold another meeting to give a joint declaration that the two Koreas agreed to before the official dinner. President Moon sits at the table with the three major agendas prepared by our side, denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, establishment of a permanent peace system on the Korean peninsula, and improvement of inter-Korean relations. It is already known that the peace settlement and the improvement of the inter-Korean relations have already reached a lot of agreement through the exchange of special envoys and several talks. You can only finalize the statement in the joint declaration. A consensus was reached between the two sides about the declaration of the end of the war.

Meanwhile, discussions on denuclearization, the core agenda, are left to the top of the two Koreas. Chung said, "Even if there is an explicit agreement on denuclearization, it will not be possible to reach a consensus until the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula." "It is not a part that can be completed in the inter-Korean talks (denuclearization talks)," he said. "If we can (clearly) signify the clear denuclearization will of Kim Jong-eun, it is a very successful meeting."

Therefore, it is anticipated that the words to be included in the public remarks and agreements of the most important concern, Mr. Kim, will become a `barometer` going to the next US-North Korea summit. In addition, if the promise of denuclearization is reached at the talks, President Moon`s plan for a peace regime on the Korean peninsula can be resilient.

Also, it is the idea that the summit of North and South Korea will convene after ending the declaration of the end of the inter-Korean summit and the denuclearization agreement through the US-DPRK summit and ending the existing power system. Furthermore, the six-party talks, including China, Russia, and Japan, can shape the Korean Peninsula peace regime. However, it is difficult to say in which direction the "peace boat" will flow because China is still a parallel to the solution of denuclearization between the North and the South, and because China is likely to exercise its influence in the denuclearization talks. President Moon is preparing for the summit of the South, the South, the South, and the Korea-Japan summit for smooth sailing toward denuclearization.

By Park Mee Yeong mypark@

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