Shinsegae to install self-checkout counters at No brand shops following convenience store and warehouse shop
Park Min Yeong | ironlung@ | 2018-05-03 13:39:34

No-brand self-checkout counter located at Seoul Dongdaemun Chang'an store.

Shinsegae is now expanding its self-checkout counter as a No brand store, convenience stores, and warehouse-type discount stores.

According to the distribution industry on May 2, Shinsegae E-Mart has recently introduced a self-checkout machine at Chang`an store in Dongdaemun, Seoul. Shinsegae . This is the first time that a distribution channel operates a self-checkout counter for small and medium-sized specialty stores.

There are about 30 small scanners and two Quick-Scan cash registers at the no-brand shop`s self-checkout counter. To use this service, consumers must borrow the scanner by reading the Mobile New World Point barcode. Customers can shop for goods or shelf bar codes with a rented scanner. Consumers can pay by using the card or the SSG Pay payment method after reading the "scanned bar code" from the scanner at the Quick Scan counter. When they go out, they cannot carry out unscheduled scans of the "calculated bar code" on the gate. The used scanner can be returned to the existing position.

Meanwhile, Shinsegae is operating a self-checkout system at E-Mart (3 stores) and Traders Hanam store starting from E-Mart 24 last year. E-Mart 24 and E-Mart introduced self-service barcode scanning system. Traders Henan branch introduced high-speed automatic scanning system. Chung Yong-jin, a vice chairman of Shinsegae Group, is reportedly interested in publishing photographs of self-checkouts in overseas distribution channels by SNS. An E-Mart representative said, "The simplicity of the payment method is an international distribution trend, as seen in the case of Amazon Go." We have also introduced self-checkout systems at no-brand specialty shops while conducting various distribution experiments. "

Self-checkout is an advantage in that customers can quickly calculate a line without lengthening it. "As the minimum wage is steadily rising, self-checkout counters are attracting attention as a way to streamline labor costs," an expert in the distribution industry mentioned.

By Park Min Yeong ironlung@

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