Let us buy home appliances through O2O… “Buy TV in its half price”
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The function of home appliances has become an age when quality of life is crucial. Recently, home appliances have contributed to health care and beauty beyond the relief of labor burden. However, home appliances have many bulky products, and the price is so high that it is not easy to buy products easily and easily. Prince King of e-Land launched `Ojagyo` service this month, and it was able to buy the exhibition products at 120 online shops in the online shopping mall. This service is a service that takes pictures of products directly from national e-commerce stores and places them on the shopping mall. It is classified into S, A, B, C according to the product condition. The product price is also up to 87% off. Ojugyo products include TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, household appliances, health appliances, gaming machines, and computers. Customers can buy exhibits at e-Land stores near their residence, and all products can be shipped free of charge. We introduce oshugyo product recommended by e-land Price King MD.

■ Lion with O2O as a home appliance exhibit

TV exhibit products are caustic rain `A`

TV exhibit products have a short exhibition period, so there are many products that are like new products. The price is relatively low so it is perfect for customers who want reasonable consumption. In the E-Land Ojangyo service, `Samsung Electronics 163 ㎝ (65-inch) UHD TV (UN65MU6190FXKR) exhibition product` is sold for 1,350,000 won. This product realizes vivid picture quality with natural black panel and percolor technology that show clear image even in the dark. `LG UHD TV (55UJ7860) exhibition product` of 138cm (55 inch) Super Ultra UHD can buy at 1.29 million won. This product is a technique of nanosecurity and nanospectral, delicate color and `Hamankadon` to produce a unique rich sound.

There are some TV exhibits that are smaller than the previous ones but have better caustic ratios. `Daewoo Electronics` 80-inch (32-inch) LED TV (L32R6410TK • 210,000 won) improves the audio processing process to reproduce the original digital sound. The MHL function also allows you to view your smartphone screen on a TV. E-Land has also released half-price exhibition products for its own brand (PB) `Anak`. `Anak LED TV (40-inch) 101.5cm (ANT40FHD)` can live in the 310,000 won.

Exhibited goods refrigerator, new product and no difference

The refrigerator has a long life expectancy and does not store food directly in the store exhibits. Therefore, even if you buy it as an exhibition product, it shows almost the same performance as the new product. E-Land sells Samsung Electronics` H9000 family hub (RH81M7121S9) 796ℓ refrigerator for KRW 219,000. It features speech recognition, memo, search and shopping in one voice at a time. Also, if you put the smartphone screen on the home screen by `phone mirroring`, you can see the messenger or app on the big screen while you are cooking or eating.

Besides, through the "food alert function," the refrigerator has been able to check the shelf life by itself so that the food can be managed freshly. You can order all the ingredients again. The refrigerator room has two metal cooling doors, one showcase, and two doors in the freezer room, which can open only where it is needed, preventing up to 60% of cold loss.

The `Winiah Dim`s stand-type kimchi refrigerator (DT337EGAW) exhibition product` is available for purchase at 1.33 million won at Ojagyo. This product uses `original cooling method in the ground` which is a method to directly cool the storage room itself. This keeps the temperature and keeps it to moisture for a long time to keep the kimchi delicious. The original top cooling system which sends heat down and cold air down keeps kimchi, vegetables along with fruits, meat that are sensitive to heat for a long time.

Meanwhile, washing machines are also exhibit items.

The most popular exhibit is the washing machine. In the case of exhibiting products for washing machines, it is not different from the new products because they do not do laundry directly at the store. Therefore, it is the most popular among the exhibition products and the sales speed is fast. At the current e-Land, Samsung Electronics sells Active Wear 16kg Black Kebier (WA16M6850KV1) exhibition product for 760,000 won. Active Wash is designed to allow you to wash your wet laundry conveniently in one place without squatting in a tight space with a `deeper and wider` laundry space. Especially, it is touched by powerful whirlpool water of three-dimensional rotation of up and down, right and left, and it sucks. The patented "WobbleTech" technology was applied to make sure that the fabric does not get tangled and tangled.

Kitchen appliances and home appliances

On the other hand, kitchen small appliances are also one of the most popular exhibits. Rice cookers and ovens do not operate the product when they are displayed in the store, so it is safe to look at new products. E-Land sells `IH electric pressure cooker (CRP-DHR067FS)` for 6 people and `IH pressure cooker (CJH-PA0629ED) for 6 people` for 300 thousand won. The Samsung Electronics Smart Oven (MC32K7055CT) will show up at 260,000 won, and the LG Inverter Lightwave Oven (ML32W) will show up at 490,000 won.

Home appliance exhibits provide opportunities to experience in the store, but they do not work often and are good for purchase. LG Electronics is introducing the V6-MOTORHEAD for 400,000 won, the Samsung Electronics Power Gun (VS80M8030KW) for 600,000 won, and the LG Electronics Code A9 (S96SFSH) for 7,900 won.

By Park Min Yeong ironlung@

■ Suggested Shopping Cart

1 `Samsung Electronics 65-inch UHD TV (UN65MU6190FXKR)` ... 1.35 million won
2 `LG Electronics 55-inch Super Ultra UHD TV (55UJ7860)` ... 129,000 won
3 `Daewoo Electronics 32 Type LED TV (L32R6410TK)` ... 210,100 won
4 `ANNA 40 type LED TV (ANT40FHD)` ... 310,000 won
5 `Samsung H9000 Family Hub (RH81M7121S9)` ... 2.19 million won
6 `Kimchi refrigerator with stand type wii-dim ... (DT337EGAW)` ... 1.33 million won
7 `Samsung Active Wash 16K Black Caviar (WA16M6850KV1)` ... 760,000 won
8 `IH Electric Pressure Cooker for 6 persons with CUQ (CRP-DHR067FS)` ... 300,000 won
9 `IH pressure cooker for 6 persons (CJH-PA0629ED)` ... 300,000 won
10 `Samsung Electronics Smart Oven (MC32K7055CT)` ... 260,000 won
11 `LG Inverter Lightwave Oven (ML32W)` ... 490,000 won
12 `Dyson V6 Motor Head (V6-MOTORHEAD)` ... 400,000 won
13 `Samsung Electronics Power Gun (VS80M8030KW)` ... 600,000 won
14 `LG Electronics Zero A9 (S96SFSH)` ... 790,000 won

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