Paid broadcasting to target KRW 38 trillion worth ‘Kids content’

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-yeong] Pay-TV industry is clashing in kids content market. The market size of the kids industry, including kids` content, has doubled in the last 10 years and there is a lot of activity in this mark..

5G frequency auction price to increase?…‘Seal bidding’ focused at the end

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-yeong] `Seal bidding` is attracting attention as a last-minute variable of the 5G mobile phone frequency a..

First LTE in Africa goes for Rwanda…KT technology beyond Korea

[Digital Times, Jong Ye-rin] Korea`s information and communication technology (ICT) is booming in developing countries. KT is pla..

Korea in passive investment while Japan and China in active move for a future car leadership

Japan and China are actively engaged in technology development to lead future car markets such as autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles through establishing a large-scale cooperation system between government, industr..

‘Bank exam’ to boom…… External specialist to be in for job inerview

The banknote revives the so-called "bank exam" which is written examination to improve the transparency of the recruitment process. Besides, external experts participate in the interview process to prevent injuries, and a..

Sluggish growth expected for economy-supporting manufacturing

Manufacturing industry, which was a strong supporter of the Korean economy, is now facing crisis. The production indexes are turning to minus, focusing on export-oriented industries such as automobiles, shipbuilding and s..

LG Display to order OLED plant equipment for Guangzhou as of May

[Digital Times, Kim Eun] LG Display is expected to start ordering manufacturing equipment for construction of 8.5G OLED panel fac..