Kim Sang-jo to fight for economic democracy… ‘Kim Dong-yeon passing rumor’ to spread
Kwon Dae Gyung | kwon213@ | 2018-05-31 11:21:27

Kim Sang-jo, the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, is now taking up the task of "Economic Democratization Task Force (TF)," raising the issue of so called "Kim Dong-yeon passing rumor".

According to the government and the political party on May 30, President Moon Jae-in ordered the formation of the TF of economic democracy in the Cabinet meeting. TF is headed by Chairman Kim Sangjo.

Kim Dong-yeon and the policy director of Changhae Daejeong policy office after the controversy over the `economic control tower` between the minister of economy and finance and president Kim Sang-jo decided to take charge of economic democratization TF and is spreading.

The government plans to adjust the TF within the FTC, and adjust and adjust it as a whole, as soon as the amendment of the Fair Trade Act, the Commercial Act, and the Capital Market Law can be reached on the track of economic democratization. However, as the deputy prime minister, Kim Dong-yeon, the finance minister of the Moon Jae-in government, has been replaced by Kim as the chief of the TF, Many of the economic democratization policies are closely related to the economic policies under the jurisdiction. Therefore, the government`s acceptance of Kim as chairman instead of Kim is widely accepted as a great deal.

The recent circumstance is the basis of Kim`s claim to pass. As the polarization of household income has reached its worst in recent years, the position of Kim, the economic head, has narrowed. President Kim Sang-jo expressed concern about convening a `Household Income Review` meeting, and Kim expressed a so-called rate adjustment regarding the minimum wage increase, one of the key policies for income-led growth. There is a growing public opinion that various economic indicators are in the worst situation and it is inevitable to revise the path of income-led growth.

Kim Dong-yeon passing rumor is spreading again after Cheong Wa Dae revised the Presidential Committee on Household Income Trends to say, "Chief Cabinet Secretary-General is leading the meeting." It is the deputy prime minister to organize, check and adjust the national economic policy in the government ordered system. Nevertheless, the ambience is flowing strangely as Jean Chung occupies the subject of the sentence. Cheong Wa Dae has changed the station, but rather to strengthen the passion of Kim Dong-yeon. There is also an analysis that the Cheong Wa Dae has taken the hands of economists in the controversy between the orthodox economic bureaucracy that attaches importance to reality and economists from the idealistic tendency of participatory solidarity.

Once, the Cheong Wa Dae incident was an aftershock, the main office is a reconstruction. Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon said the possibility of opening the office after the 6-13 provincial election is strengthening the possibility of bureaucrats including economic ministers including Kim Dong-yeon.

A member of a political party from the Ministry of Economic Affairs said, "Kim Sang-jo, TF seems to have come from the president`s intention to handle the direction of the second economic policy after the election." It is difficult to rule out the possibility of replacing some economic teams after local elections "Said the atmosphere. It is interpreted that Cheong Wa Dae concluded that there is a limit to the current system of the deputy prime minister in order to start full-fledged legislation and amendment necessary for various economic policies.

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