Problems in transport, safety and environment… ‘3rd crisis for ‘Shinsegae logistics center’
Park Min Yeong | ironlung@ | 2018-05-01 14:47:40

The construction of the Henan online center, which the Shinsegae Group has been pursuing ambitiously, is a prime example. Local residents are strongly opposed to building online centers because of traffic congestion, safety threats, and environmental degradation. Shinsegae plans to build an online logistics center next to Seoul and Copi once the plan is stranded.

According to the distribution industry on April 30, Shinsegae received 24,022㎡ of 4 blocks from the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) in March, I have won the contract but I cannot conclude a contract to sell the site. Shinsegae plans to invest 1 trillion won in online business investment this year at Hanam Online Center.

Jung Yong-jin, vice chairman of Shinsegae Group, said, "In March, it is the core base of, which is scheduled to be sprayed soon, rather than a simple logistics center." So the people of Hanam immediately protested. They organized the emergency committee for withdrawing E-Mart logistics center, and held a public summit meeting in Starfield Hanam Central Plaza on the 28th of last month. Previously, Hanam City • Hanam City Council • Hanam Business Headquarters of Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) • National Assembly members of local provinces also met with Abe and agreed to demand the withdrawal of logistics centers.

The rebellion of the online residents of Henan residents is the result of deteriorating residential environment. The online center is equipped with a logistics center, which means that delivery vehicles and delivery vehicles are frequent. Increasing the number of incoming vehicles can cause a lot of smoke and can be a threat to safety. An official of the distribution industry said, "The delivery vehicle is small in size of 1 ton, but there are many large-sized vehicles to deliver to the logistics center." "It is more effective to build a private logistics complex such as a national industrial complex than a bed town." other official in the distribution industry said, "Henan is based on residential area, and residents are already settled, so there may be controversy." In addition, if one logistics center comes in, other companies will build logistics centers following the same area, and worry about the development of the logistics center.

Park Min-young, Professor of Logistics at Inha University, said, "The opposition to the logistics center is a natural response to the quality of life and the quality of living conditions in the local people and in urban development and strengthening the site licensing standards.”

◇ It seems to be a watershed after the local elections in June = It is not easy for Shinsegae to collapse the online logistics center plan against the local people. Earlier, Shinsegae failed to establish an online logistics center in Gangan-dong, Gyeonggi-do, Seoul. In addition, demand for online shopping is surging, so a dedicated logistics center is an effective way to establish a rapid delivery system. Although E-Mart has 120 off-line stores nationwide, it is not small enough to be used as an online logistics center. "We need an adequate space to quickly pick up and place online order products," said an official at a large-scale mart industry. "We need a dedicated logistics center to meet online shopping demand because of the lack of capacity in off-line stores."

Currently, Shinsegae operates two E-Mart online distribution centers (Gyeonggi and Gimpo). It is a plan to construct a total of six in the metropolitan area only. In particular, the site of Hanam is close to Sangil IC and it is possible to ride the Seoul Expressway. The construction of the Henan online center is a burden because it has been announced publicly by vice chairman Chung Yong-jin directly.

The new world is watching the situation rather than talking to the local people immediately. Shinsegae is scheduled to attend the conference with Han Dae-hee, Hanam-si and LH on March 3rd. Some observers say that specific movements will appear after the local elections in June.

By Park Min Yeong ironlung@

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