Recruitment corruption investigation all the year over… Financial sector may not open new recruitment
Cho Eun Guk | ceg4204@ | 2018-05-11 10:51:24

The issue of recruitment corruption, which began with Woori Bank last year, is not showing signs of calming down. Shinhan Bank, which has stood out of business, is said to have found a problem, and the banking sector is tight again as the inspection of the Financial Supervisory Service is resumed at KEB Hana Bank. The financial experts have been pointing out that financial innovation has been put on hold and is consistent with the hiring survey all year round.

According to a financial report on May 10, the Financial Supervisory Service has filed a lawsuit against Shinhan Bank on May 10, two weeks ahead of schedule. As a result of the investigation by the Financial Supervisory Service, Shinhan Bank has also confirmed that some of the employees` children`s preferential employment practices have been confirmed.

Shinhan Bank did not reveal any problems with the FSA`s double-check job openings conducted at the beginning of this year from the end of last year. However, the Financial Supervisory Service has begun inspecting the financial service recruiting center operated by the Financial Supervisory Service last month after receiving information on the recruitment of Shinhan Bank`s employees and their children. An expert from the financial sector said, "The reason for the FSS`s extension of the inspection schedule for Shinhan Bank seems to be due to the discovery of some recruitment problems."

Right after Shinhan Bank, KEB Hana Bank`s inspection of the Financial Supervisory Service is resumed. The Financial Supervisory Service has resumed a full-scale investigation into KEB Hana Bank as part of its regular inspection, the so called "status quo". The Financial Supervisory Service and KEB Hana Bank have been at odds over the issue of Hana Financial Group`s governance structure and allegations of recruitment since last year, while Choi Heung-sik, former FSS director at KEB Hana Bank, It is doubtful whether the financial authorities are looking into the recruitment problem again as the inspection resumes under such circumstances.

Criticism is being raised that it is only the bank that is hurting the problem of recruiting that started at the Financial Supervisory Service as a result of the long-term investigation of bankruptcy of the financial sector. Actual commercial banks have stopped hiring jobs including new hires as the problem of hiring financial institutions has widened. An expert from the financial sector expressed concern that "the financial authorities are in a situation where they are consistent with the investigation of unemployment. On the other hand, only Woori Bank`s unfair trial was revealed last year, and Kookmin Bank and KEB Hana Bank are still investigating the prosecution.

By Cho Eun Guk ceg4204@

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