Subscription system in change … The government to take the house ownership
Park Sang Gil | sweatsk@ | 2018-04-16 11:14:43

The Korean government is changing the housing subscription system like the palm of your hand, and is causing market turmoil. When the government announces that it will eliminate the subsidy special supply system for the common people, it is pointed out that it is also fading the purpose of being for the residential weak class.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on April 15, the special supply system for subsidies will be abolished in the area designated as speculative superheat zone next month for apartments with a sale price of over 900 million won. The recent sale price of KRW 800 million to KRW 1.4 billion in the special supply of new complexes won the 19 year old won the controversy due to the controversy of gold soup, in fact, Seoul is a good place to sell a new apartment will not give to the common people.

In the case of the entire over KRW 900 million housing is sold out to the general supply, real demanders with speculative capital and speculative demand will dominate the market. Even if a house with less than W900 million is won, it will be strengthened to 5 years if it wins special supply.

The period of the repurchase is two years longer than that in the place designated as speculative superheat zone. The period of resale in the metropolitan area, not the speculative superheat zone, is two to two years and six months, and the province is six months.

If the special supply system for subscription is abolished, the government will overheat the lottery, and the controversy about subscription will disappear, but the market interpretation is different. If the government system disappears, it will turn into a general sale, and the market will become cloudy due to the flow of speculative demand.

It is pointed out that the effectiveness of the marriage ceremony for married couples, which is being implemented in earnest from next month, is also inferior. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will provide special services to newlyweds within 7 years after marriage, starting from April 4th of the month following the application for recruitment to the local governments. He said he would cover the winner with an Internet subscription, but he did not disclose specific criteria. It is difficult to see married couples as married couples for 5 to 7 years because married couples are likely to have made some money for the house.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MOCT) has decided that marriage for the fifth to seventh year of marriage is a newly married couple. Therefore, it is interpreted that there is a high possibility that people newly married after marriage or temporary divorce are remarried. It is also pointed out that the controversy about the gold gourd that the government is guarding can be reproduced. Parents are financially strong, but I believe that they will be able to open up a lot of homes for me to have a home with a low income.

Real estate experts have criticized the Ministry of Land, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, for noting the recent controversial gold-pledge subsidy, Yang Ji-young, director of the R & C Institute, said, "Recently, there are more than 900 million won of apartments in Gangbuk-do, Seoul, which is worth more than KRW 900 million." It is said that people who live in multi-family households and parents are living in a narrow place.

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