D-3 for ‘Samsung report’ publication… Semiconductor business in turning point
Park Jung Il | comja77@ | 2018-04-16 11:13:07

There has been a growing sense of crisis in the semiconductor industry. The Ministry of Employment and Labor`s (Samsung) semiconductor factory work environment measurement report will be released on April 19. The Suwon District Court decided on April 13 to rescind the ruling in the first hearing on the application for a restraining order for Samsung Electronics`.

The Semiconductor Technical Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the Industrial Technology Protection Committee, is expected to hold a meeting to decide whether to include national core technology in the report of the Ministry of Employment on April 16. A few more meetings can be held until the final decision. A professional judgment is not legally binding, but can serve as a key basis for judging other institutions` judgments. On the 17th, the Central Administrative Adjudication Committee of the National People and Rights Committee will decide whether to suspend the execution of the report in accordance with the administrative appeal filed by Samsung Electronics. However, it is highly unlikely that it will be difficult to make a ruling ordering the suspension of the report because it is an agency that attaches great importance to workers` rights.

Unless the court accepts the preliminary injunction before April 19, there is growing concern that a report on semiconductor manufacturing confidentiality will be made available to anyone and that core technology will be leaked to competitors such as China.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor decided to open a working environment report on Samsung Electronics` Gumi & Onyang Semiconductor Plant and on Giheung, Hwaseong and Pyeongtaek factories on April 19. According to the information disclosure law, the report must be released from April 19 and 20th after 30 days of grace.

According to the industry on April 15, Suwon District Administrative Commission 3 (judge of Dow u-kyung department) heard the claims of Samsung Electronics and the Ministry of Employment and Labor Office of the Ministry of Employment and Labor of the Ministry of Employment and Labor. After receiving the additional data by the 16th, it will judge whether or not it will be cited for the suspension of the report. Since the report will be released on the 19th, the 2nd hearing for the injunction will be held before that, and a final ruling will be issued.

Samsung Electronics said that if the semiconductor industry experts in the Ministry of Industry and Technology Protection decided that the report on the work environment of the Ministry of Employment of the semiconductor factory of Samsung Electronics such as Samsung Electronics Co., I plan to deliver it. Giheung, Hwaseong and Pyeongtaek plants are producing 30nm sub-DRAM and 64nm NAND flash, which are designated by the Ministry of Industry as core technologies.

There are also speculations that it may be difficult to make judgments on the day of the meeting, as the semiconductor specialist is in sharp opposition to the public opinion that the export of semiconductor technology, which is the core of national exports, should be stopped and that the people`s right to life is a priority. However, Bae Woon-kyu, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy, stated on April 12, "We should avoid disclosing core technologies such as semiconductor production facilities."

The Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs Of the total based on the judgment of the Daejeon Supreme Court, which ruled in February that Samsung Electronics decided to disclose the work environment measurement report of the Onyang factory to the bereaved family. Although the Ministry of Employment and Labor said it will open a third-party disclosure committee to determine whether it is open to the public, analysts say it is very likely that sensitive semiconductor process technology information will leak to the outside world.

Semiconductor experts point out that Samsung`s proprietary core technology can be deduced from the rough chemical names and process layouts in the report. The industry and academics have warned that if key information is released into China by indiscreet disclosure of technical information, future industrial damages will come back as boomerangs. China is pushing for a "semiconductor boom" as a major task for the state, saying that the government and industry will invest more than KRW 200 trillion in the next five years to develop semiconductors as core industries.

A representative of a semiconductor company that demanded anonymity said, "The disclosure of the report will give Chun Jae-woo a chance to China, which already has a huge amount of domestic semiconductor manufacturing technology and manpower."

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