Domestic game to enter worldwide market through US platform ‘steam’
Kim Soo Yeon | newsnews@ | 2018-03-13 10:15:22

Korean game companies launch online games on US PC game platform `Steam`. It is a strategy to catch the two rabbits of reducing costs and securing overseas users by presenting games directly to a large platform used by 125 million people.

According to the industry on March 12, the company plans to launch MMORPG `Hero Online` and `Koryo Gangho Online` on Steam in the first half of this year. Currently, Emgame is on-line service to the online game, Hero Online, and Net Game, an American game publisher. We plan to show both games to Steam apart from Net Game.

Neowiz releases its online MMORPG `Bless` on Steam during the first half of this year. The game, which was launched in Korea in 2016, was launched in Japan at the end of last year through its subsidiary GameOn. We plan to launch the game on Steam this year and launch the game in North America and Europe.

Pearl Abys, on the other hand, decided to release his next hit MMORPG "Black Desert" directly to Steam. In the case of the black desert, it was released through a distributor, but the next game, which will be released this year, is a strategy to increase profitability by releasing it directly to Steam.

This is due to a precedent in which Blue Hall`s "Player Unknowns Battle Ground" was successful last year. Blue Hall released Battle Ground in March last year with `Early Access (paid test version)` and sold 34 million copies as of January this year. This allowed the company to reduce costs and secure customers on a large scale.

"If you want to distribute games overseas through distributors, you have to allocate 70% of the game sales, but if you release it directly to Steam, you have to pay a 30% fee to the platform operator," said Steve. Europe, and Asia, and the number of concurrent users reaches 18 million, helping to secure overseas users. "

By Kim Soo Yeon newsnews@

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